New scales!

So this morning I bounced out of bed ready to see the final result of my March challenge. Had I lost a final pound or not......

My mechanical scales are at least 25 years old, possibly more. I have to start with them at +3lbs rather than zero. The dashes are really close together so its hard to be more accurate than the nearest 2lbs. If I stand on my left leg I weigh 4lbs more than if I stand on my right leg, so I have to try and stand really squarely on them, though I want to stand more on my right leg to get a nicer result! And, even worse than all of that, every reading is different. Always. I have to get on and off about 5 or 6 times. Sometimes more. Its plus or minus 2 or 3 lbs around a central 'right answer' .

So thats what I did this morning. Usual palava of all of that. On, off, on, off, (dont favour the right leg), on, off, (reset is back to 3lbs as by now the starting point has changed), on , off, on, off......all whilst squinting as I cant really see the dial without my glasses on. 10 minutes later I was still trying to decide whether I am still the same as Tuesday or if I have lost a pound. Ye gods.

Scales are now in the bin.

Drove to Argos, and have just spent the last 30 mins playing with some brand new digital ones which claim to know my body fat and goodness knows what else! Sadly they cant tell me what I weighed at 7am, which is when I do any 'official' weighings, so I am holding my breath for tomorrow!!!!

Good luck to anyone else doing battle with their scales today!


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41 Replies

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  • You must let us know the outcome tomorrow morning! Hope it's what you're expecting. Justine

  • I don't know quite what I'm expecting to be honest! A new starting point for a new month.

  • Aww I do hope you get very good news tomorrowπŸ‘

    You made me laugh just imagining standing like a stork one leg, then the next. Brilliant you threw them in the bin banished forever. 😊

  • Yes I felt absurdly pleased with myself !

  • Haha! I have to go for digital scales as was causing myself all manner of injuries trying to peer down at my old mechanical ones while standing completely straight and balanced between feet - needed a visualiser or something to project the image onto the wall in front of me!

    Mine are also the kind that claim to measure everything, but I'm not entirely convinced! Although whenever they say my body fat has rocketed down I'll take that!!

    There are some in the gym I go to of the flick the weights along the top until it balances variety, but I'm not at the stage of public weighings just yet!! Maybe I'll try it late one night when no one else is in!

    Hope your fab new scales are all you dreamed of and more!!

  • It sounds like we had the same problem!!! I'm just pleased I can read the numbers on my new one whilst still standing up straight!

  • Good luck for tomorrow 7am. πŸ˜†

  • Thank you!

  • Haha I've just read this and am imagining you doing the weighing scale dance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Hope your new scales are kind to you in the morning, good luck xx

  • It was a dance of enlightenment today!

  • Aww JiminyCricket thank goodness those scales are now in the bin. I have digital body analyser ones and they are great. Mine also give a visceral fat reading, which was my main concern. It's also great when you can see your body fat percentage decrease and the muscle percentage go up. There is so much more than just your weight which is all part of a healthier lifestyle.

    I hope you enjoy your new scales and may they give you great insight to the wonderful things you are doing for your body. Good luck for your first weigh in :)

  • Thank you - i havent really got to grips with the new numbers yet, but dutifully noted them all down and now need to read up a bit and absorb info. You are right - so much more than lbs

  • Loved the description JiminyCricket you had me falling about laughing.

    Be interesting to find out how you get on with the new scales, particularly the body fat reading.

  • Yes, I cant remember what that was now, except that it was 'high' on the little chart. Shall be interesting to see how it changes in relation to the muscle mass number.

  • I threw my scales away about two months ago. They were digital but just not responding. With digital I guess it's more black and white they either give you a reading or, in the case of my old ones, a blank screen of nothingness! Love your description and the fact you were trying to read the scales without glasses on. Your glasses must be really heavy ;) Good luck with the new scales and your inaugural digi-weigh-in tomorrow. I'd be interested to read a review once you've mastered the technicals, as I'm considering buying some new scales myself, if my tape measure maintaining plan doesn't work...

  • haha, yes the glasses weigh at least a pound!! Its funny how you can end up a bit bonkers about the whole thing! That has been why I stuck with the mechanicals for so long, I thought less accurate = less OCD about the weighing thing, but actually it was getting very counter-productive! I'll let you know how they pan out, at the moment the new numbers don't really mean anything to me.

  • I'm not sure what they would really represent apart from in comparative terms. Do the instructions suggest any interpretation of the % figures etc, so you can get an idea what numbers to be aiming for? Also do you need to enter anything like age/ measurements etc, to make sure they're actually relevant, or are they all purely based on weight? I'd probably be inclined to use it mainly for weighing, and then maybe on a monthly basis look at the bigger picture too, to see if there are any other changes worth noting :)

  • Yes I think monthly is a good idea - I use a tape measure like that too. The instructions included some charts indicating what a 'high' body fat actually is in % terms. Also I had to enter height and age. It tells you BMI, BMR, bone mass, water %, fat %, muscle % . Interesting, but like you say, not especially relevant to anything until I have another set of numbers in a months time.

  • Well it sounds like a good excuse for starting some new graphs at least :)

  • Ooooo yes, I'm a spreadsheet girl!

  • I roared laughing at the vision of you hopping on and off the scale as this is just what I do with my mechanical ones. I too can't see the divisions clearly and I won't put on my glasses because of the extra weight (smile). I think I need to get a digital set that will be easier to read. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good one to get? I like the idea of a body analyser but not sure exactly how they would work without knowing your height etc. Recommendations appreciated please. EJ xx

  • Definitely the best thing about these new ones is being able to easily see the readout! I love it. My glasses too are mighty heavy....!!!!!

  • Loved you post made me laugh, Good luck for your weigh in.. :-)

  • Your post has made me laugh! Good luck for tomorrow - hopefully they won't say a big difference up, if so take them back for refund or just stand on one leg. πŸ˜‚

  • Im holding my breath!

  • I am not certain that holding your breath makes you lighter on the scales. I find going to the loo helps as does not having a fry up until after I get off the scale. Good luck!

  • haha! Yes, hold the fry up....

  • Ha ha you did make me laugh good luck for tomorrow :)

  • Enjoy the accuracy ! :)

  • mmmmm

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Best laugh I've had for a while - thanks so much JiminyCricket ! Scales tend to weigh differently so you may not be exactly what you were before. As you're starting anew perhaps you could weigh yourself with and without your glasses and see if there's a big difference (other than psychologically! ) and just adjust accordingly. Good luck with this morning - you'll miss the exercise of the previous weigh ins...... 😊😊

  • I've only just seen this JiminyCricket, what a way to start my Saturday, oh you have made me laugh. I hope the new scales are kind to you, please post and give us the next instalment of 'the battle of the scales'πŸ˜ƒ

  • Lol!πŸ˜‚ Poor you. Such a palava to get weighed πŸ˜‚

    I really hope you get on better with your new scales. Good luck when you next weigh πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Hi JiminyCricket. Just had a good giggle at your antics as I did exactly the same thing! I treated us to a new set of weightwatchers digital scales two weeks ago. I waited until my weigh in day of Sunday and tried them then out. "Arghhh! They must be broken", I said in disbelief. My husband tried them too and agreed with me. My analogue scales weighed me in at 69kgs (which is what Ive been using as a bench mark) but the new ones read 70.4kgs. Absolutely devastated. Well since then I have fluctuated between 70.4kg and 68.9kg, depending if Ive had a shower before weighing myself (πŸ˜ƒ I lose about 0.4kg when Ive had a shower). However, I was 69.6kg this morning - only 4.6kg to my target weight!

    Good luck with your scales - hope they dont disappoint you πŸ˜€.

  • Oh thats funny! I wonder why you are lighter after a shower - how odd! Do you exfoliate with a vengence?!?!?!?!

  • It's the jig I do whilst the shower is heating up that must have an effect. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • That'll do it !!

  • The bit that made me laugh most was, that you appear to weigh yourself without your glasses on! Surely they can't be that heavy - and anyway, they'd add the same amount every time. Have fun with your new scales - do they cook your meals for you as well? :)

  • To be honest, my glasses usually get left downstairs in the evening, and I weigh first thing in the morning as soon as I get out of bed - its just pure laziness on my part!

  • I need to know what the new scales say!

  • What an amusing read, I can totally picture the scene!

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