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Can anyone recommend bathroom scales?

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toastless1 stone

Hi all,

I broke my scales!

And before you ask, it wasn't when I stepped on them!!

Can anyone recommend a replacement? looking for one that does stones and llbs ideally with a BMI measurement too.

thanks !

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I’m very happy with my FitTrack Dara Smart Body BMI Scale - it’s body analysing scale that sends various data to the app and I can track my bmi, fat percentage, water percentage and more.

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toastless1 stone in reply to N-o-r-d-i

thank you N-o-r-d-i , will check them out!

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Cosmo50113kg in reply to N-o-r-d-i

That sounds interesting! I keep meaning to get new scales. Those ones sound really useful.

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Lsjh2021 March

Hay! I found one on amazon which connects to your phone.

Highly recommended!

There called smart scales.


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slipstick3 stone in reply to Lsjh

Beware of the cheap smart scales that claim to do everything. I bought one from Amazon and it was rubbish. Weight fluctuated by up to 4 pounds just stepping on, off then on again. I suppose there must be good ones but not the one I got or a different cheap make that a friend had. What make is yours?

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Lsjh2021 March in reply to slipstick

Kamtron, I didn't pay too much for them but also havnt had any problems 🥰

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H4CS1 stone

That made me laugh, hope you get your new scales soon

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toastless1 stone in reply to H4CS

I will approach with caution!

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Hi toastless, I bought a new set from Boots 3 weeks ago and they are fab. They measure fat and water too, seriously simple to use ( total technophobe here 🤣) and you can have multiple people in memory too if needed.

HI toastless. I have some Renpho smart scales that talk to the health app on my i phone, I think there is a similar app on android phones. I have attached a photo so you can see how it displays but I think this forum always cuts the top and bottom off the pictures. Renpho have loads of scales on amazon from quite cheap to really quite expensive - I think mine were about £25 but they give some indication of trends related to body fat, water weight, muscle weight etc. probably not too accurate but it's nice to look at the trend. I found they do weight accuratey at the very least as I sometimes compare with our other set of scales and they seem consistent. I like that it talks to health app as it means my weight automatically changes in my phone which means my calorie burn calculations in the fitness app are a bit more accurate.

The Renpho app on apple makes nice graphs so you can look at trends in weight/fat loss and muscle gain....

Renpho weigh-in screen on i-phone

still learning about this forum.... just realised you can click on the photos to see the full image. Learn something new everyday!

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Bear7892st 7lbs

I like the fitbit ones, they synch to your app via WiFi and record lean mass and fat mass

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Healthmad2021 February

I am very happy with my Active Era scales which work on an app on your mobile and automatically all health data gets transferred when you place your mobile near when you weigh yourself. It gives you your weight, BMI, visceral and sub cutaneous body fats, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, water, basal metabolic rate and body age etc. Data also gets transferred to i phone’s Health app.

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