Why did I do that

Hi everyone I thought I would write today even though I had such a bad night drinking one and a half bottles of wine I have just looked at my calories and feel so gutted as I was doing so well over the week. I guess I am just human and now I have decided to drive to my friends party tonight and take a bottle of Diet Coke or lemonade. I have just taken the quiz how healthy are you and was completely honest, I got six out of ten which isn't great and guess what my downfall is alcohol. I am going to walk in to my town get some fresh air and pull myself together sorry to ramble on but I hope everyone has a great weekend weigh in for me on Monday so I have got to step up.😒


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22 Replies

  • Good morning Kim58. Be cool & be happy. You will soon walk off the calories. Don't worry about having a Friday night treat. I'm sure you enjoyed. Tonight is party night so go & enjoy your self. Enjoy your friends company. Sunday morning go walking 🐒 Have a super weekend George 56. 👋🙂

  • You're not rambling Kim, simply expressing your thoughts and emotions.

    Alcohol is the arch enemy for some of us (definitely was for me). That's a great decision you've made about driving to your friend's party. I'm happy to drive to events nowadays which is the complete opposite of where I used to be and it definitely helps to minimise temptation.

    We will all have blips, then we look back and work out what went wrong and how to avoid doing the same thing. That's just what you're doing. Well done!

  • I do think sometimes we beat ourselves up about having things which I guess we would class as being on the 'naughty list' so to speak! One bad thing for me can lead to a bad weekend/week so for you to pick yourself up, go for a walk and drive tonight is a great decision. As long as you enjoyed yourself last night, today is another day and fingers crossed the scales will still go down on Monday, as really what you had was just enjoying a drink on a Friday night :-) enjoy your weekend xx

  • Hi Kim, a big part of this process is removing temptation, especially for things where willpower alone doesn’t work. For me, wine is and always will be something I struggle to say no to. I don't keep loads of cake lying around, so why do I think I can have a glass of wine (or two) and then happily leave the rest of the bottle on a shelf? I've found a few solutions so far:

    Buy mini bottles of wine (even if I get 2 that's half a normal size bottle).

    Drink something else (I can get the same enjoyment out of a 5% 500ml bottle of nice cider, for way fewer calories)

    Be more adventurous with non-alcoholic drinks, e.g. mocktails, spicy tomato juice, always in a nice glass :)

    Freeze the other half of the bottle (this works fine with white wine). Do this before drinking the first half!

    Pre-count the calories. Then you know what you CAN have, and you can really savour it then.

    I think being the driver is a great solution to social drinking. Hope it goes well tonight :)

  • great advice, love 'freeze the top half first' made me laugh.

  • Thanks Ruth for the advice I thought cider was just as bad so I may try that especially in the summer (but not tonight) ha ha. That's a good idea about buying small bottles of wine. I brought two cans of slimline tonic the other day but didn't drink them so may save them for wine Wednesday instead if I really feel like a drink then. Have a great weekend😊

  • P.s that was meant to say gin and slimline but I bet you guessed that

  • A bottle of something like Aspalls Suffolk cider is 200 cals. Drunk slowly in small wine glasses it can last an evening. In the pub you can get halfs of cider which are generally 100cals, a good bet too. Hope you enjoy your g&t. It won't cost you any calories to add ice and a slice of lime. Enjoy :)

  • I love Aspalls cider! I find it lasts me too.

  • Never mind, tomorrow (or today) is another day! I'll look out for you on Monday - I also weigh in on that day. And I had a bottle of red yesterday when my daughter came home and we chatted into the night (after half a bottle of white before she arrived). Hopefully we both still lose on Monday.

  • Thanks for the message yes good luck for Monday 😊

  • well done Kim58, you have a plan of action, stick to it and you'll feel so much better. Enjoy the party tonight and put behind you what has happened.

  • Thankyou good luck to you too have a great day😊

  • Why do people go for alcohol so much, what is the reason for it?

  • We all have a weakness jimtom, I don't understand alcohol, but other people wouldn't understand my weakness for peanuts (especially as they can give me a very upset tummy st times!) 😊

  • We do indeed, I just don't get the alcohol thing, was just wondering could someone explain it. Maybe people find it relaxing or something I don't know. ☺

  • My husband finds it relaxing and it helps him to switch off at the end of the week. He has a couple of glasses on a Friday and Saturday, so doesn't rely on it, he also uses going for a walk every evening a relaxant. I also think some people find it helps them to 'loosen up' and they don't always have so many inhibitions, guess that's not always a good thing though is it lol. I'm not suggesting for one moment those are the reasons Kim likes a drink though!

  • Yes that makes sense, it must be relaxing for some, I know some people drink a lot to release stress too. I drink.but not often, I do enjoy it occasionally.

    And even though I don't need it to help lose my inhibitions, I'm sure other people do lol

  • Same as others go for sweet stuff ie chocolate or others cant resist cheese or savoury food We all have to face up to our own weakness mine being chocolate I just have to avoid altogether as 1 piece leads to another I guess Im a chocoholic?

  • When I was a young mum back in the day you couldn't really get wine from the supermarket you went to an off licence and it was usually expensive or not very nice but now you can get alcohol everywhere even in the petrol stations 24 hours a day it's so easy to pick up a bottle or two and drink at home rather then the pub. I have a fairly stressful job I work full time and I found it relaxes me but actually I don't sleep well if I have had a drink so it's counter productive really. I am trying hard not to drink during the week now but if someone doesn't drink alcohol they are not going to understand why so many people do. I don't smoke so some people find that relaxing but that detrimental to health too. Maybe we should take up deep meditation or yoga but at the end of a working day I am too tired doesn't make sense does it?

  • Alcohol I suppose has always been a popular thing, you see it in old films and stuff being used for stress or shock etc. It's a common thing and like you said it's very easy to get.

  • I used to like a glass or several of wine of a Friday night also. I still have one if I want one, but I take a much smaller glassful and top it with soda - it's nice & fizzy (so makes me think I'm having prosecco, ha!) but neither as strong nor as calorific as the neat stuff. I actually prefer it now and I can spin a bottle of white out all the way into the following weekend without feeling in the least deprived. As for the reasoning behind drinking alcohol, Jimtom - I think mine is cultural as much as anything. Booze has always been perceived as a social thing in my circles (apart from my mum who NEVER drank and was always considered seriously weird!) and I suppose I've picked up on that. When you're on holiday, for instance, it seems to be a way to connect with either strangers or friends, by sharing a drink and a chat. (And if it can be done outside in the sunshine so much the better to us sun-starved Northern Europeans!)

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