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Positive Reminder

Although I've not focussed these last 2 weeks and put 2lbs back on, I've just reminded my self that 1) I have lost 10.25lbs up to now and 2) I promised a hospital consultant that I wold weigh in under 70kgs and last week I did just that. I was so pleased about it.

And the icing on the cake - unrelated to my weight - is that the medication of the chemo drug (that I need to take to suppress my white blood cells) can be halved. God is good!

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This is a super post, RHendry! We all get bogged down in the day to day and should all take a step back to appreciate how far we've come and give ourselves a pat on the back! Well done you, you've done brilliantly! :)

I'm thrilled and delighted that your medication is to be halved! It just goes to show where positive thinking can get you :)

Keep up the great work :)


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