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Goody Goody 10lbs

Hi.Moreless..2nd week, day 10. Lighter by 10 lbs :) now 232 lbs. want to be 210 lbs by 10 April.

I'm 5ft 9. following break,lunch,dinner 1200 calories divided between each meal. Taking it easy with exercise, trying to make sure, and retrain myself menu wise,starting each day at a time ect and need to calm down or be more relaxed about it, its been a very very long time, ive been carrying 5 stone extra. Believe me, I went to a yoga class, and done 6 lessons, have the book, and improving my poses daily at present, long may it last, I have listened to happiness video on here called Hygge. I am a walker and swimmer but also have a tragic past of overeating with all its connotation and sideeffects :) Ive started to feel the 'calm' to think positively

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Hi Gill,

I know Anna's already given it to you, but here's the link to the Wednesday weigh-in again :)



Fantastic loss - well done 👏🎉


Hi, whats special about 10th April?


Hi Ella, have not planned anything for the 10th (yet), but that will the date of my first 12 weeks, which I'm hoping to do my best. I'm doing a lot planning menus gradually increasing, exercises relaxing yoga, yep, writing this makes me happy, I'm calming down a little, that's an improvement, I want the next 10 weeks, to be less traumatic ect ect and no idea what it will be like when I lose nearly 2 stone of my excess 5 stone, which I'm embarrassed to say how long I have been carrying it

:} Hampshire


Good luck, you can do it!


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