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Vegetarian trying to loose weight

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie and have no health issues thank goodness but my weight is slowly increasing as I get older (64)

I would really appreciate some advice and encouragement as I begin my weight lose journey

You'd think being vegetarian it would be easy but I have a very sweet tooth so would rather have a pudding than a dinner

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Whilst I agree that carbs are overemphasised at the expense of natural fats, I think that reducing the Gi and amount of carbohydrate is the way forward for most people rather than eliminating them (vegetables are the best source of water-soluble vitamins and fibre).

Tea? Caffeine stimulates metabolism by raising blood sugar. The body then responds by releasing insulin in an attempt to normalise blood sugar levels. If insulin levels are chronically high from stress and/or a high carbohydrate diet, this would exacerbate the problem.

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Hello Judecando Welcome to the Weight Loss Forum ☺

Have a good look around the forum especially the Newbies post (in the Pinned Posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile) and also the links to the NHS 12 week plan weight loss plan. This is an excellent plan with weekly email support. ☺

The forum has weigh in threads on 6 days of the week that you are welcome to join, as well as regular challenges and progress 'badges' including a 'Newbie' one for when you first join the forum. If you would like one just ask ☺

Don't forget to take your initial measurements and photographs as it's a great way of seeing just how far you've come, especially when the scales aren't co-operating. ☺

We are a very friendly group so please ask if you have any questions ☺

Best wishes



That is one thing I am very grateful for. I do not have a sweet tooth! But I love crisps and nuts!!!


Welcome judecando

Have you tried keeping a food diary and working out how many calories you are actually consuming? This can be a bit tedious but gives useful insights.

Weight loss is largely a matter of reducing total calories which is a nice thing about the nhs 12 week plan as it doesn't try to insist on any particular diet.

For me weight loss started happening when I switched from vegetarian to vegan and ditched the fat (mostly cheese and olive oil) and currently my diet is about 80% carbs.

Puddings are often be high in fat as well as sugar, and that combination can be particularly unhealthy. I love frozen banana 'ice cream' as a treat, it's been mentioned here a number of times and is famous on the Internet, just freeze the bananas overnight and then when whisked in a food processor they develop an amazing texture.

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