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Hello everyone Howard here, never knew this site existed until i came across it whilst trying to find the correct diet for me, after searching and reading on the web for a few days my gut (oops) instinct is pointing me towards a low carb diet.

I am only 5-4" and quite overweight, and would like to lose between 28 and 35 lbs before visiting my son and his wife in Kenya in June, therefore I have a realistic target to aim for.

Any help or advice would be most appreciated.


Howard Spencer.

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Welcome Howard,

Great idea to start the low carb eating plan plus perhaps exercise and I'm sure you'll lose thoes pounds and surprise the heck out of your family in June.

I've never been to Kenya but know you'll feel fantastic walking though the 'arrivals' at your goal weight.

Good luck, Jopo

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Welcome Howard,

From what I known, low carb diet is one of the healthy diets you see weight loss relatively quick. Good luck and I hope you find loads of inspiration here!


There are various sites with information that may be useful. If you are making big changes to what you eat, it may be a good idea to do it gradually.



Hello and welcome to the forum owldfartypants ☺ Love the name btw!

Have a good look around the forum especially the Newbies post and pinned posts ☺ There is a weigh in thread on 6 days of the week you can join which many of us find useful.

Good luck with the low carb plan, but take a look at the NHS 12 week plan and the weekly emails☺

Best wishes



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