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Hi, I knew I needed to lose some weight and made a start at the beginning of December, not the best time 😁. I lost around 7lb and am pretty much back to that point now. Yesterday I checked my BMI, that was a shocker - I should weight around 11 stone so 2.5 Stones to lose. I'm also trying to get moving and have made a start with Stretch and Flex, week 1 completed and a short yoga programme for my back. Full of good intentions but may need some help to keep going x

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:-) well there is no time like the present - and many of us are in new year enthusiasm. My own approach is week 1- getting a baseline and getting everything in order.

In my reading up - strength seems to be part of the key to good and sustained weightloss:-)

Good luck

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Hello and happy new year Dawn63 😊 There's no point looking backwards, you're not going that way. 😊 You've lost weight before so you know you can do it. Good luck and enjoy the yoga 😊

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