Day 3 - Feeling more prepared!

Woke up on day 3 naturally at 7am! This was a real shock for me as I usually have to drag myself out of bed. I felt the benefit, of this new lifestyle, as I actually had time for breakfast (2 hard boiled eggs) and a 30 minute walk to work (usually get the bus). I also prepared all my snacks (carrot / cerely sticks and humous and nuts) the night before as well as my lunch (homemade vegetable soup).

It seems to be getting easier as I feel like I have more energy.

Anyone else notice any benefits?

Good luck with your journey people! xx :)


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7 Replies

  • How wonderful that you are noticing the difference already and it sounds as if you really mean business with your humous and nuts (which do sound rather yummy). I have noticed positive changes all of the way through the last 6 months as the pounds have melted away and I don't recognise the old me any more; it really is like a different person. My energy levels are much higher too; I can run when I choose, get up from the floor with ease, dance for hours, my health is soooo much better with lower blood pressure, lower blood glucose levels, better kidney function, no achy joints and the list goes on and on .......... it only gets better! x

  • Oh wow, that seems wonderful!

    Thank-you for the encouragement and I hope you reach your goals! :)

  • Thank-you x

  • I have definitely noticed that I have more energy, even though it's winter and I usually suffer from a bit of SAD. Sadly running isn't getting any easier though.

  • I'm the same, always feel a bit down during the winter months but having something to focus on is definitely helping me! I've tried running numerous times, had injuries and had several appointments with my podiatrist , I've now come to terms with the fact running just isn't for me :( So, I've started power walking everywhere now, and a session a week of swimming (30-60mins) at my local pool, which I really enjoy :)

    I wish you the best of luck with your journey as running is excellent cardio! :) xx

  • My sister loves to run and is really quick, but her knees just won't take it, so she's had to stop. She's a size 6/8, so its not even her weight. There's really no point pushing past injuries, there are many more types of exercise out there!

    I've been going a fast walk on my lunch break and I've been finding that far more enjoyable and swimming too, which I love, but I persevere with the running...

  • Exactly!

    Every little helps towards that loss! :) x

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