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Giving the cat a run for his money (no pun intended)

Having weighed our three cats in the new year and found to our amazement that the one who constantly eats has lost 0.3kg a challenge formed. My wife thought this wasnt much weight loss but after taking account of his weight we determined this was around 5% of his body weight.

The equivalent of 7 pounds for me, so the challenge was born. Can I lose 5% of my body weight by the end of February. So consistent running, cutting snacking, and healthy lunches here we come.

Bring it on.

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Of course you can! GO FOR IT! ;) Also, very well done to your cat!! :P


Hello Qscout ☺ Welcome to the Weight Loss Forum ☺ Have a good look around the site and ask if you have any questions, we are very friendly group ☺ Things are a little up in the air at the moment with a change of Admin happening so please bear with us ☺

I love the idea of the cat challenge ☺ 5% is a very realistic target and will make a real difference to your health ☺

Good luck and best wishes



7lb in a month is very achievable... well I hope it is as that is my target for end of January as well.. we can do it


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