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How long have you been here ? Me 2nd Anniversary in Jan 2017

Hi. Asking a strange question but how long have you been a part of the Community. Have been mainly reading others posts with the occasional input.

I started Jan 2015 and remember the posts I read then. Are many / any still about now ?

Had started at 81Kilos and got down to 71 in 9 months but discovered a heart problem, a ICD ( Defibrillator ) fitted in March 2016 and new medication to push the weight back up.

I am now 76.6 as of today but willing to go again so hopefully we will still be around but this time talking about our successes....


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Hi Denram I've been here since March 2016; I previously lost 3 1/2 stone in 2013, gained some of it back when I had another baby in 2015 then had about 6lb to go when I joined. So far this year I lost about 9lb, but gained most of it back, then discovered my old manual scales are a few pounds out. I've started using some new digital ones (kgs only) now which are telling me I need to lose about 3.5 kilos to get to healthy BMI, so that's my first goal, after that I'd like to lose another 6 kilos. I haven't done that well this year, so I'd like to join you on your quest. My current weight is 71.9 kilos and I need to be 68.3, so let's do this!!


This is my first story - I'd like to write part 2 this year!

Good luck


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Denram I've been on here since August of this year but I had been following the NHS plan for a good few weeks before I joined this site. I was 155 pounds at my heaviest and so far have lost just over a stone to take me within about three pounds of my goal weight. I've been losing at less than a half pound per week but getting there nonetheless. The real challenge of course (well for me anyways) is to keep the weight off so I'll be keeping active on the forum to help ensure I stay at around 137 pounds once I reach my target. Good luck with shifting those last sticky kilos in 2018 - downwards! :)


I joined in October 2016 - so still relatively a newbie ;)

I have / had lost 10lbs (so hoping to have that loss again by mid January after Christmas and then onward and downward)

Due to being at home over the festive period I am not being as active as I am normally due to having people here and eating more than I should (however, a lot less than I did this time last year - still counting the calories even over the festive period ) Enjoying being with friends and family, but trying hard to stay on track too


cracker10. Hi. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the temptations of Christmas. I have that problem also. My interest was after 2 years simply to see if any of the old faces where still here. All the best with your journey.


Hello Denram 😊 I started this weight loss journey on 1st Aug 2015, joined HU in January 2016, but have battled my weight all my adult life (I'm 55) 😊

Had lost 2 1/2 stone when I had a hysterectomy in August and this has set me back a little. I have successfully maintained since then, but I would like to lose more even though it's being stubborn!!! 😊


Anna61. Hope all is well after your operation. They tend to get in the way of things don't they. Mine as a heart op and new meds.

I was simply interested if anyone was still on-board after 2 years as I have been and it was quite lively with plans and hopes etc. I wondered if they were achieved and who is still left after all this time.

Think you have done very well as the most I lost was a stone, however plan to beat that this year.

All the best to you.

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Quite a few long timers around, all busy in this inbetween time! 😊 And I'm sure you will make it this time


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