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20 stone and suicidal

Hi I'm new here. I'm 6 foot 4 and 20 stone and as you can guess rather unhappy with it.

I've felt so bad about my weight that I've self harmed in the past and feel like I will eventually reach a breaking point, snap and do something much worse.

I want to do something about it. I've tried dieting, joined gyms but I struggle to stick to things. How have others kept the momentum going?

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I will help you. You are not alone x


Thanks Ellamidlands joining this forum. It feels less like going at in alone. And for the first time in a while feeling optimistic


This is a very supportive group. We are all very n the same boat to a greater or lesser degree. Stay with us, we are here for you.


Although I'm just starting out, in the past I've found that celebrating each pound off is helpful, as well as having a realistic goal & subgoals to work towards. It's important for me to keep a food diary & to plan for events like nights out or birthdays. Most importantly, remember that the most important thing in life is being a good person, having a good heart...not what you look like. Your true friends will know that or they aren't worth having around. Don't let it get on top of you & if you're feelings are getting out of control make sure you see a doctor. This is a really difficult time of year for many reasons...food & drink addiction nightmare. Don't feel alone!


Hi and welcome to the forum 😊 firstly you are certainly not alone, we are all here regardless of however much weight we want to loose for the same reason to loose weight, build our self esteem if needed and feel fitter with less aches and pains etc.

7 months ago at 5.3 tall and 17.1 stone I had reached my lowest ever point in my life then I found this site and with the encouragement and advice I have found has been the greatest gift to myself. 👍

Read the newbies post on the right hand side of the screen and join in the challenges if you want to. Find your calorie allowance using the BMI checker and count everything you eat. Drink plenty of water and up the exercise even if like me it's gentle walking especially if you don't have the confidence to go to the gym.

Weigh in is Monday's am or pm when I first started I couldn't cope with every week so I weighed every 2 but just do what suits you every week, every fortnight or every month etc.

Keep active on the forum like me I don't always post but I read others and answer if I can be of any help.

After a few awful years and using food as a comforter when sad, a celebration/treat when happy and a stress released lastly I finally realised no one can do this but me, only me , but with massive advice and encouragement it can be done as many other people on this forum have proved.

Use your frustration about your weight in a positive form plan meals, start a hobby to keep hands busy, find a good exercise to take out your anger on.

When I started I wrote down all the positives about loosing weight as opposed to sticking the way I was answer no contest and the older you get the more aches and pains come your way.

I also gave myself a first target of 7lbs then a stone with a non food treat if I made it. My ultimate is £63 in £1 coins in a jar which is 4.5 stone in weight £= 1lb I transfer a £1 coin into another jar for every 1lb weight I loose. When I have lost 4.5 stone I will buy myself something to remember my journey. I will still like to loose more after but that's my main target.

Good luck, grab all advice you can, choose what's best for you and shout out if you need help.

Best wishes Bev ⭐️🎄👍😊


I love the money transfer idea!!


I did it alongside the winter solstice challenge and donated goods to my local dog rescue to keep me focused.

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Hello, joining gyms might not be for you. Just slowly start with walking everyday, then do the couch to 5k and go from there. Stay away from the scales, keep looking at the end goal and remember before you eat that food when you're not even hungry that this is not helping you gain happiness. It's just a momentarily dose of happiness but nothing compared to how happy you will be with your end goal.

It's just about making simple changes, eat from a smaller plate, change full fat drinks to diet or water. Alcohol has a great impact, cut down to three days a week and something with less alcohol, change to wholewheat bread, pasta and brown rice. Cut down take aways. Have treat days, something to reward yourself with.

If you have a bad day with food then don't worry about it too much, just get back on it the next day. Never start on a Monday and keep focusing on the end goal! You'll get there.

I'm also new and think joining this forum can help us all be quite supportive of each other and encourage you to stick to it :) stick to it mr


We all will defiantly help and encourage you along the way, I started at 19st 12lbs and pretty disappointed in my self at the time as I was only 19year's old, and just wanted to give up but I knew that was not me,

My advise is to approach with caution don't rush don't expected to see results straight away and just be patient, good things come to those that wait, best reason to do this is for your wellbeing and what makes you happy, the process may seem daunting at first but it's the best thing you'll do, I wish you the best of luck :)


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