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Wednesday food diary 14/12

Back again guys! I've resisted lots of temptation at work today with mince pies and free wine so I'm feeling a little bit proud :D

Breakfast: Porridge with Alpro coconut and raspberries

Snack: raisin cereal bar

Lunch: Left over sweet potato and goats cheese pie with lots of cherry tomatoes

Snack: hula hoops

Dinner will be: Pasta with red pepper and tomato sauce (Aldi) with lots of carrots and broccoli

Snack: Nakd bar carrot cake flavour

NB I've also been drinking a cup of peppermint tea each night before bed as it's naturally caffeine free and aids digestion.

Hope to see some of your food diaries and that you've all had a fantastic day :D

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Hi Princess, Well today I had a boiled egg, slice of toast for breakfast. Lunch small piece of pork pie again (needed eating up!) with homemade coleslaw, and tea tonight is grilled butcher's sausage (hoping I can stick to just one!) with homemade braised red cabbage with apple and onion, small mash potato and five prunes with teaspoon of cream. I'm trying to convert to decaf coffee, doing ok with Gold Blend decaf, and occasional tea with milk.

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Breakfast: 2 x Asda Ancient Grain Muffins, 40g scoop of whey powder mixed with 300ml of semi skimmed milk (709Kcal)

Mid-Morning: Brazil nut & sour cherry paleo bar (205Kcal)

Lunch: M&S sliced sweet chilli chicken breast & a M&S 'Taste of Summer' cauliflower rice, quinoa & harissa chickpea salad (264Kcal)

Mid-Afternoon: Asda Great Shape meal replacement/protein bar (239Kcal)

Post Workout: 40g scoop of whey powder mixed with 250ml water (144Kcal)

Tea: Quorn cottage pie sprinkled with grated cheddar: 500Kcal

Intended Evening snack: 50g of unsalted nuts (300Kcal)

Total calories: 2356Kcal.

Before heading to bed, since I'm still 250Kcal shy of TDEE (2600Kcal), I'll probably have 100g of Greek Yoghurt, taking calorie intake closer to 2500Kcal but still below my recommended TDEE. However, if I don't feel hungry, I'll not worry about it, since remaining in deficit ensures that weight won't be gained.

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Today was not a normal day - as had two large glasses of wine due to celebrating a birthday (not mine) -hence the low breakfast today as knew I would be having a wee drink tonight

Breakfast - banana (77 cal)

Lunch - chicken salad roll bought - bad decision, should have made one far less calories (490 cal)

Snack - orange (18 cal)

Tea - homemade cottage pie (364 cal)

4 cups of tea (69 cal)

2 glasses of wine (316 cal )


That doesn't sound too bad at all! At least you had a nice healthy dinner and didn't go overboard on the wine. We have to treat ourselves sometimes and you made room to indulge with the low calorie breakfast. Well done!

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I've only just noticed that I've written that I have given into temptation... When I didn't!! Silly me :D

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You can go back in and edit if you click the down arrow next to "follow post". Although I worked out you didn't give in! So I'm sure everyone else did too :)

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Yesterday was a fishy day. I had:

Breakfast - sainsburys tropical granola with soya milk

snack - 2xcoffee and clementine

lunch: tuna mayo sandwich (homemade, so low mayo)

afternoon snack - tesco granola bar

pre-dinner snack - 1x pitta with mango chutney and large tomato juice

dinner - baby potatoes with fresh cod, ratatouille and peas

plus lots of lime water (water with lime slices plus squeezed lime juice) and one more clementine

I came in under calories and feel like I got my vitamins too :)

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That sounds lovely! Yes, lots of fruit and veg :D

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