Back again! Tuesday food diary (13/12/16)

Hello again :) sharing today's food diary again! Would love to see everyone else's too :)

Breakfast: Porridge with alpro coconut and raspberries

Snack: raisin cereal bar

Lunch: Tomato & mozzarella sandwich (wholemeal bread) & hula hoops

Dinner will be: 1/2 of Tesco sweet potato & goats cheese pie, broccoli, carrots & gravy

Evening snack (maybe): 4 squares of Dairyfine dark chocolate... yum!

I'm also hoping to do a Blogilates video tonight... Not sure which one :D


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15 Replies

  • That sounds really delicious!

  • So far I've had

    Breakfast - porridge made with soya milk and half mashed banana

    lunch - gnocchi with spinach and tomato sauce

    snacks - apple and some cashew nuts plus couple of coffees

    dinner will be... not sure yet. Maybe bubble and squeak with poached eggs :) yum :)

    exercise wise I started well today by cycling in, until I got a puncture. At least I have a few kms under my belt though :)

    Enjoy your evening :)

  • Despite the inconvenience the puncture caused, it's great to see that you're feeling well enough to exercise again.

  • Puncture's fixed now :) 🔧🚵

  • Pleased to hear that you weren't out of action for too long.

  • I had cheerios and milk for breakfast! a banana and apple for snack. lunch was a cajun pasta mug shot and a packet of sunbites popcorn. and for dinner we are having chicken risotto and salad :) what is a blogilates video? :o

  • Yum sounds great! Blogilates is a channel on YouTube - she posts quick exercise videos, I really enjoy doing them!

  • Homemade museli, about 300kcal, M&S lunch - 320kcal, for dinner another M&S salad - about 350kcal..... away from home and refuse to eat out in the evening!

  • Whether you happen to be home or away, M&S salads, particularly 'The Taste of Summer' range, should never be dismissed. Oddly enough, I purchased two myself this evening to take to work on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • ah, but I caved in and ended up drinking a pint of beer! Not good.

  • Never mind. Still you managed to stick to just the one.

  • I lied - I had a pint and then I had a half.........

  • Breakfast: 60g of porridge oats, made with 250ml of semi skimmed milk, sweetened with honey & cinnamon and followed up with a whey protein shake (mixed with water (488Kcal).

    Mid-Morning: 50g of unsalted nuts (300Kcal).

    Lunch: Home-made vegetarian chilli (350-400Kcal).

    Mid-Afternoon: A Paleo Brazil nut and sour cherry bar (Available from Aldi (205Kcal)).

    Tea: Two sausage rolls (not the healthiest option but reducing contents of freezer to make room for Xmas food (400Kcal))

    Evening snack: Another 50g helping of unsalted nuts (300Kcal).

    Supper: Hot chocolate, made with a scoop of whey powder and 300ml of milk (285Kcal).

    Sundries: 2L of bottle water.

    Calorie Total: 2378Kcal.

    Since I've not exercised today, calorie intake is 250Kcal less than my usual 2600Kcal, but 500Kcal higher than BMR (1870Kcal), ensuring that TDEE (2600Kcal) isn't exceeded while providing enough energy to sustain, replenish and repair, following yesterday evening's 20 minute HIIT session.

    Tomorrow's intake will be closer to my TDEE, since my activity level will be higher, as I visit the gym to undertake 30 minutes of cardio interval training on the StairMaster and Spinning bike (not HIIT), followed by a stretching and stomach exercise routine.

  • Love those paleo bars from Aldi!!

  • I do too. It's also great to see how few ingredients are included.

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