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Not sure

GottodothisHealthy BMI

Hi Everyone

Over a month ago my Dr decided that after 26yrs to take me off Hrt (24 when I had total hysterectomy) . There was no changing his mind and it was an instant stop no whinning of them.

Afew days later I came down with a nasty cold the one that is going around. Unfortunatly I could not stay in bed (house to run. Cooking, shopping, cleaning etc and a dog to walk). It tooks weeks to get over it.

I have gone back to the gym.

My question is if anyone can asnwer it. I wake up with a sore throat, feel hot alot, can't do 1/4 of strength exercises, run 2kg (only manage 1/2 k) can't do even 1 class never mind 3.

What could be the cause a mix of both, menopause or the cold has still got a hold of me. 3weeks is a ling time for cold.

Thanks loads


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Obviously something's not right. Try discussing it with your doctor.

Eating a low GL, higher natural fat diet will help manage digestive hormones, which may have a beneficial impact on regulating other hormones, and will definitely aid immunity/strength.


It's common in menopause to feel hot, a lot, aches are quite normal too, they vanish with excercise, I'd get checked too, it could be a combination of cold snd menopause, or just virus

Lottie671 stone

Hi Gottodothis

I have just read your post and I can relate to what you are saying.

I had the full works removed when I was 47 so over 20 years ago and was advised to go on HRT right away as it was classed as a surgical hysterectomy due to ovaries being removed. I was unsure but they said it does protect your bones from osteoporosis so I went on it. I am unsure how long I was on it but I would say approx 10-13 years, I had to come off it due to my liver function test not being as it should. Omg the hot flushes and everything else came on and lethargy etc. My liver function test came back to normal which is good, but he would not allow me to go back on it. I have been off it now for about 7 years and have suffered with various menopausal symptoms, also diagnosed with osteoporosis 5 years ago, so the HRT did not protect me completely.

Anyway the way your feeling could be being off the HRT as your body has had a sudden drop in oestrogen.

I've asked my doc a few times could I go back on it and he just smiles and says no😢

I have tried a lot of natural remedies but could not say that any really helped. My hot flushes have decreased so that's a relief.

You never said how old you are?

Hope my words have helped but if it continues see your doc or practice nurse.

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Dr Ron Rosedale relates that osteoporosis is a problem with bone remodelling due to miscommunication of the hormones insulin/insulin-like growth factor.

Lowering the glycaemic-load of your diet by replacing fructose and/or high-glycaemic foods with natural fat instead (thereby also providing a medium for vitamin D and calcium) will help.

Lottie671 stone
in reply to Concerned

Who is Dr Ron Rosedale?

Thanks for reply, my calcium levels and vitamin D are good and within the range. I attend a bone density clinic so I am being treated for osteoporosis and know about eating correctly to help my bones.

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

You must make time to rest, and eat plenty of fresh fruit for vitamin C, to shake off the virus. The sudden cessation of oestrogen is something your body has to get used to, and it can take a few months or more. Hopefully your natural energy will return in time.

Having now got past the stage of night sweats and hot flushes, I still find a mug of coffee or spicy food will raise my temperature; the body's thermostat or temperature regulator is never quite the same after the menopause.

We have no heating in our bedroom and always a window open, and I rarely feel cold except sometimes just before waking my temperature dips and then rises into feeling hot again...the joys of being post menopausal! Last summer we bought a "partner" duvet - my side being 3 togs and my partner's 10 togs!


I had a hysterectomy three months ago (age 55 so no HRT) and have had similar symptoms, especially aching joints, which is connected to lack of oestrogen I believe?

Having a heavy cold as well just sucks :( :(

I would be kind to yourself, start GENTLE exercise, just 10 minutes of walking and stretches, several times a day until you feel 100%

Also maybe a vitamin supplement? I take a cod liver oil and vitamin D capsule. Do you eat enough fresh fruit and veg? Foods good for boosting our immune system include brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, (berries, red peppers) healthy fats such as nuts and avocado, and enough protein. (sorry if this sounds obvious)

Something else I find helps is re hydrating, possible due to hot flushes and night sweats, but I need several cups of tea and plenty of water before morning exercise. :)

good luck :)

GottodothisHealthy BMI

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all your advice gratefully appreciated. I'am slowly getting back but not rushing.

Going to ride the hot flushes out after all suppose women have to go through all this. What we women have to do. Haha

I got weighted today and before I got the cold I weighted in at 8st 11lb (started in October 2015 10st 3lb). Now it is 8st 5lb bmi 20.4. 28 when I started this journey.

Thanks again


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