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Just joined and thought I would elaborate on why I chose the username. I have been trying to loose weight and used Fridays as a day off and named it 'Fat Friday' where I ate and drank what I wanted. However it would then carry on until the end of the weekend and I would have undone any good I had done before! So here I am a last resort because I want to have a tummy tuck (caused by pregnancy and operations) but I need to loose at least 3 stone first. I have downloaded charts and apps so hopefully they will help.

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Hi, I have just joined too. I lost more than 4 stone and have since put 3 of it back on!! I have downloaded apps and all sorts of magical exercise routines to loose 10 lbs in 2 days, funnily enough none have worked. so here I am to get support and motivation to get back on track, get fit and healthy :-)


I'm so with you right there... fatfriday stretched till Monday lol best day of the week! I will be making an extra affort myself to keep the weekends in check. If your feeling weak give me a holla il talk you away from that takeaway, we can do it 😬


Some people I know do really well having a "treat day" where they can have whatever they want. But they have to be 100% unquestionably on plan the rest of the time - and this is where everyone struggles I think.

If I let myself have one slice of pizza that's fine. But if I tell myself I can have a whole pizza i will also have garlic bread and a bottle of wine - because I've already had a whole pizza so why not?

I find it much easier to have small daily treats than a big blow out on any day, this way I don't feel the need to go so over the top from feeling deprived all week.


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