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Gained weight again

I'm back up to 80kg (176lb).

I did some maths yesterday and in September on average I burnt 9,000kj per day (2151 calories). According to my apple watch, I don't know how accurate that is but it's all I have to go on.

So my deficit set up by the app I was using is possibly too small, it's based on an average burn of 10,000ish (2390 cal) per day.

Feeling very down.

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Hello. I'm back up to bmi of 30.7. I was a normal weight 18 m ago. I also exercise regularly. It's depressing and boring but we can do this!


yes you can ☺


I am sorry that you feel so down. Have you checked how many calories you should be eating on the NGOs BMI calculator? Some excellent advice on the forum taught me that you should eat the higher range of calories in order to lose weight. It is horrible getting stuck at a weight you don't want to be. Be kind to yourself- you are trying to change by using the forum u


Sorry meant the NHS BMI calculator


Yes, I have but it just seems like so much food. Given I'm not losing weight I'm just going to increase activity and be patient.


I know it seems weird but I had been eating 1200 calories for a year and had lost weight and then put it on but never losing more than 5 lbs. since May I have been eating 1400 calories and I have lost 13 lbs. I was really nervous about eating more but it did work. I have adjusted the food too mostly eating low gi.


Hello, I'm rather sceptical about the idea of eating more calories to lose weight. I know a lot of people say this, and I can follow the idea of if you cut down too far you might go into starvation mode, or, more likely, feel a bit weak and therefore don;t run aound as much as normal and so your calorie expenditure drops.

I certainly believe that we need a certain amount of food each day to have enough get up and go.

But, aside from really daft cutting down, I just don;t see how, for example, a daily intake of 100-1200 cals a day can fail to get you losing more than an intake of 1600 cals a day. It's just maths, isn't it?

While I take the view that if you are losing and happy with your rate of loss, then carry on with a higher intake, for people who are not losing, or who are frustrated with losing .5lb a week or so, then I think cutting back intake has got to be worth a try.


oh dear. maybe if your burning that each day, the emphasis for you is the intake? chin up, we all in difficult places and am sure you'll resolve it and be back on track again


Bless You...Unsure how devices such as Apple and Fitbit are programmed. I've had the same issue only to find out that 10,000 steps are equal to approx 300-400 cals. Search the net for how many calories does 10,000 steps burn.

Best Wishes..x


I'm not using steps I'm using distance and time since they're easier to measure.


I actually lost 2.8lbs Monday to Monday but it was an unusual week having gained the week before due to baking biscuits!! and under the weather since. Hopefully will be more realistic next week. @lowcal from Feelgood41. Hope it finds the Fab5!


oh dear, please don't feel bad. We all do it, we all have blips. What you need to do is re evaluate your life and then start again. You did it once and you can do it again. Chin up. Good luck x


Oh dear Medusa_Cascade 😕 I really feel for you 😕 Having extra medical hurdles is really difficult 😕 If you are exercising and eating the correct number of calories, I would go back to your GP to discuss your medication. Like I said in your other post, drugs most definitely can interfere with weight loss. Could you request to see a dietician?

Also perhaps you need to think about other measures of health, fitness level, fat composition etc 😊 You don't say why you are taking medication but sometimes we need to focus on getting well rather than the numbers on the scales 😊

Best wishes


How disappointing. It's rotten to try hard and then find you aren't getting very far.

I'm not a particularly tekkie person, so don;t use any of these apps myself. I wonder if maybe they are making it all a bit more complicated than it really needs to be?

The average woman I believe uses somewhere between 1900 cals and 2200 cals a day living a "normal" sort of fairly sedentary life. This is why we are usually told to cut down to 1500 or below to shift weight.

So I think you are probably right that your calorie allowance is too high - so whatever the watch says, I'd cut it down to 1500 max, and you should start losing again.

As your name is medusa, I'm assuming you are female - if male, then your allowance will be higher, but I don;t know exactly how much.

Hope this helps.


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