Knowing your triggers

I don't know if anyone else is like me but I'm at the stage on this journey where it's quite easy to pick healthier meals and portion sizes. Yay right?! because it has been a six month journey to here so I'm celebrating the success. But (of course there's a but/butt😉), in between those three meals and healthy snacks, even one little taste of what I now know to be my trigger foods Im off to the races and theres no stopping me. This over eating is nothing to do with hunger and I've tried tools like go for a walk or have another piece of fruit. But for me this isn't about hunger and my brain shuts down all logical thought when I go into this mode. So last night I did some more research, Dr luistig is a revelation in sugar and our brains, and wrote down my triggers. I'm going to experiment in avoiding those and see what happens.


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  • Yes i find this too with certain foods, i think i have an addictive personality. I cant keep any trigger foods in the flat, like crisps or desserts, even fruit yogurt. Sucks a bit. When i do really want a treat i go to a cafe and have 1 packet posh crisps or something. X

  • Thanks. That's a really useful tip.

  • Weirdly enough I think soup Is one of them for me. I know soup is a healthy option, but I could literally polish off 3 big bowls of soup with filled sandwiches/ baguettes/ bagels to dunk in, I'm terrible. Also crisps- a lot of them have MSG in them to make them more addictive anyway. My mum is like this with biscuits, its why she doesn't ever buy them (unless there are guests), because she says "I know i'll eat em all otherwise".

  • I can understand that. Bread for me is a big trigger. It's hard for me to eat soup without it. A work in progress but I'm hoping/ believing it's beatable.

  • Yes, he is great 😊 There is a fab video "the skinny on obesity" that explains WHY sugar affects our hormones, insulin and metabolism 😊

  • Robert Lustig has also written a very useful book on how our bodies are affected by different foods, "Fat Chance", which you might find interesting.

    Sugar was one of my triggers, I had to cut it out completely for quite a while. I can now have something like a slice of cake without wanting to go on to eat the whole thing.

  • Yes that's a good book. The youtube video on him teaching it is fantastic if you're not into books.

  • My big trigger food is wine - if I drink even a glass it makes me feel really hungry, even if I've just eaten a meal. This feeling passes off after about 40 minutes, but it is really hard not to give in and eat usually bread and cheese during that time period. So I just don't drink alcohol at all if I want to lose weight.

  • Abstinence does seem to be the way forward for at least sometime until brain rewiring or whatever happens so we can control it.

  • I love bread , crisps & cheese but I'm trying to include these (in moderation) into my diet because I know from previous experience that if I ban these I will end up binging on them. I'd get through a multipack of crisps within a couple of hours .

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