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Please Join us for a Monday Group Weigh-in (12th September, 2016) Afternoon/Evening Session


Hello everyone, I hope you're all well and are pleased with how last week went for you :)

We've had a really busy and successful morning session and here's the link, if you'd like to add your support and encouragement to those members that posted earlier :)

Today we have a full complement of Fab5'ers, Zest l , Prin , LessToLose , Anon-E-Mouse and myself, with much appreciated back-up from RobLandsdown91 , although LTL has become LimpsaLot, after some disco diva antics, put her hip out of joint! Although, she assures us it's much better today ;)

Remember too, that while we all love to chat to you, we do have busy lives and you may have to wait a while for a reply, but never fear, one of us will make sure to respond to each and every one of you, asap :)

NB Just another reminder that this thread will be open from midday and the morning post will be closed. Anybody posting in the wrong thread, will not be replied to today, as all of our focus will be on this thread. We will check tomorrow and through the week for any strays, however :) It doesn't matter what time of day you weigh yourself, it only matters what time you post. By midday, the morning thread was so full, that a lot of us, including me, struggled to access it and that's why we have to post an afternoon/evening thread. Thanks for your co-operation :)

The spotlight this week is aimed at marco83 , for his amazing story. Marco is a consummate runner and has found that his shrinking girth and weight, have made him believe that the successes he enjoyed in his younger years, could possibly be duplicated. He's also made a fantastic chart, which is a clear, visual reminder of his journey to date :)

Many congratulations Marco :)

This week's stats, compiled by the brilliant Anon-E-Mouse

I'm so excited about these results, what a fantabulous comeback by everyone! :)

Total people posting on last Monday's thread 131

Total overall weight lost 126.42lbs (57.39kg)

Total people who lost weight 76 (158.29lbs - 71.85kg)

Total people who gained weight 20 (31.87lbs - 14.47kg)

Total people who maintained their weight 17

Total people starting (re)starting their weight loss journey/plan 16

Total people who didn't disclose their weight/loss/gain 2

Woohoo! WTG us! :)

Note for Newbies:

If you are joining this weigh-in group thread for the first time today, then welcome. Just introduce yourself and share your starting weight (if you feel comfortable to do so) and your initial weight loss goals – setting yourself mini-goals leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful. You could also make a note of your body measurements. Sometimes the scales stick at a particular weight, but there can be body measurement changes which are very motivating. It’s not all about the scales after all – it’s how you feel in yourself.

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘Welcome Newbie’ pack which is a Pinned post (situated on right hand side of homepage).

Also, please remember that the Monday group weigh-in will be posted alternately, week by week, by myself and Lowcal, so maybe follow us both to make sure you don’t miss a posting, or look out for the latest link to the thread, which will be in the Events Section.

My weigh-in:

Last week I weighed 13st 3lbs and this week I weigh 13st 3lbs, so it's a maintain for me, which, as we all know, is much better than a gain! :D

I received a fitbit this week, as a very early birthday present and have found it amazingly motivating. I'm going to love logging the extra K's for the Kilometre Zero challenge :)

I joined Ruth_Canal_Runner's Strength September Challenge and have been absolutely useless! I have managed to make my chart now, so pledge to ensure that this week, I'll actually be able to fill some of it out! Sorry Ruth! :o

If anyone is thinking of Re-booting, then here is a link to the Re-boot Challenge:

N.B. To be counted in this week’s stats, you need to post your weight before 6pm on Friday 16th September, so that Anon-E-Mouse (stats woman extraordinaire) can include you! Would all ‘Late Weighers’ post in this thread, please.

Here's to this afternoon/evening being as successful and motivating as this morning was! :)

Happy Monday! :)

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radioactiveblue100 pounds

Congrats on the maintain! I've lost 0.8 lbs this week.

morelessAdministrator in reply to radioactiveblue

Woohoo thanks! Congrats on the loss! :)

I hope all's going well for you and that you're going to let the tortoises and hares know about any runs to work :)

Keep up the great work, not far now! :)

radioactiveblue100 pounds in reply to moreless

Thanks. A run to work is not going to happen this week. I'm taking it easy after being unwell for a few days, but I may well get around to it next week.

morelessAdministrator in reply to radioactiveblue

Oh no, poor you! I wondered why we hadn't seen you! I hope you're feeling a bit better now :o

radioactiveblue100 pounds in reply to moreless

thanks. I'm okay. Just a bit lethargic :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to radioactiveblue

Just take it easy and give your body time to recuperate :)

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to radioactiveblue

Hope you feel better soon Rab, take it easy. :-)

radioactiveblue100 pounds in reply to Zest

thanks :)

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to radioactiveblue

Oh no 😕 Get well soon 😊 In the meantime take care of yourself ❤️

Caz287lbs in reply to radioactiveblue

get well soon x

Good afternoon all 😀

Well done moreless on maintaining this wk !! With your new fitbit and extra renewed motivation next week will be a loss 💖

Last week 10st 7lb

This wk 10st 6lb

Another 1lb loss ... yippee 👍

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Claire2stone

Hi Claire,

This is great! You've lost another pound, really well done!

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

Claire2stone in reply to Zest

Thankyou Zest xx

morelessAdministrator in reply to Claire2stone

Thanks Claire, fingers crossed! :)

Woohoo! Another pound! You're doing brilliantly! Well done you! :)

Very shortly, you'll be our super scrummy mummy! :)

Keep it up, my super slim friend! :)

Aww thankyou my lovely surrogate weight loss mummy 💖😆

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Claire2stone

Well done Claire 😊🎉👏. Onwards and downwards 😊

Caz287lbs in reply to Claire2stone

well done ! x

VickyDLM2 stone

After gaining 2 lbs last week to get to 12 stone 7, I'm very happy to report a 2 lb loss so I'm now back to 12 stone 5! :)

I'm very pleased as I had a difficult start to the week and was not able to go for my Friday swim (TTOTM :( ). I'm hoping I've managed to get back on track, despite a bit of a hiccup yesterday with some dried apple rings..... :s

It must be Ruth_canal_runner 's Strength September Challenge helping me to get where I need to go, so thanks Ruth!

morelessAdministrator in reply to VickyDLM

Yaaaaay Vicky! Well done you! :)

I can attest to Ruth's strength challenges working, I just need to kick my backside into gear and follow her lead! :)

Keep up the great work and see how close to those 11's you can get by next monday :)

Onwards and downwards! :)

VickyDLM2 stone in reply to moreless

Thanks, Moreless. I'm hoping I've finally gotten my head back in the right place now to really focus on my Healthy Me project. Now that the kids are back to school and my routine is back (back to Brownies this week) I'll be more focused. :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to VickyDLM

It's always easier with a routine Vicky, so I'm sure you'll do brilliantly! :)

labessade in reply to VickyDLM

Well done VickyDLM that's brilliant :)

Caz287lbs in reply to VickyDLM

well done!

ZestHealthy BMI

12.30pm I'm going to have some lunch now, but I'll be back later. :-)

Hi Moreless and others, 196.6 this morning so a 0.4 lbs loss for me. Could have been worse after yesterday's roast dinner and a week with a few small naughty treats, I didn't expect a loss. The Strength September challenge and my interval dashes must have helped somewhat. I'm now writing to you from a cemetery, where I'm resting and having my fruit breakfast after a Couch 25 K week1 uphill walk/run. (I only had 2 cups of black coffee in the morning, and did 10 min strength exercises). So today I pushed breakfast further as you adviced Moreless! :D

Have a great week! 🌞

That is fantastic tidirhin2548, uphill is tough!! Great weight loss considering your treats, its all about balance isn't it :). I've had a few this week too but much less than normal!!!

morelessAdministrator in reply to tidirhin2548

Good grief tidi, there's pushing and there's doing without! :o

You must be starving! :)

Well done for managing to lose 0.4lbs, I wish I could say the same! :)

It sounds as if your running and strength exercises are going well. Maybe you could have volunteered to dig a few graves while you were there, to burn a few more calories! ;)

Wishing you a fab week :)

Good afternoon all, Well done MoreLess on your maintain and RadioActiveBlue & Claire2Stone on your losses this week, all good stuff! Hope you are feeling better soon RadioActiveBlue, I know how frustrating it is feeling bad when you want to exercise but best to rest. You've done well losing feeling under the weather too as I know I'm not great focussing on my healthier lifestyle when I'm feeling like that! MoreLess you've done so amazingly well this far a maintain is great and I'm sure you will knock the socks of next week. Claire2Stone 1 or 2lb a week is the best for a nice steady weight loss and to keep it off afterwards so another great week for you too!!

As for me my starting weight was 14st 3lb and I'm now 14st so...

3 lb down YAY!!!

I really struggle to get any weight off even when I exercise and eat well so I'm chuffed with that! Being my first week I've gone for it in style...

Monday - Fast day and Wk 4 C25k (started it at Wk 4 as didn't have any other podcasts which would play but I managed it so sticking with that as my starting point!)

Tuesday - 5 mile walk in the morning and 1hr hockey training in the evening

Wednesday - Wk 4 C25k (these are about 2.2 miles currently in about 30 minutes)

Thursday - 8 mile walk

Friday - Fast day and Wk 4 C25k but in aft as felt poorly in the morning

Saturday - 1hr 10 mins hockey match (we won woohoo!)

Sunday - 5.25 mile walk

So a great week for me with lots of exercise mainly with my two lovely companions (my dogs) and managed it all in hot humid weather too! I need to start introducing some strength training if I can but otherwise it will be much the same this week :). Off out now for my run and its baking again!! Out late today as I've been feeling my RA a bit since Saturday and had a funny tummy, but just going to do what I can and turn it into a long walk instead of a run if I need to... dogs are padding round me asking why we aren't going yet so I'd best get a wiggle on... great work guys here's to next week :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to labessade

Thanks very nuch for your good wishes labessade and I'm sure radioactiveblue and Claire2stone will be grateful too :)

Well done for that 3lb loss, I shall have my pom poms ready for next week, when you smash through into the 13's! :)

That's a lot of exercise you're doing there, but do be careful, you don't want to aggravate your RA too much and end up out of action altogether :)

I hope you and your canine companions enjoy your walk, despite the heat and humidity :)

Have a great week :)

labessade in reply to moreless

Thanks moreless, Its good to exercise with RA as it stops everything from seizing up etc and it is encouraged, although possibly not high impact ;-). Unfortunately someone at hockey ran into me Saturday and my back has been twinging since then and I got a hockey stick round the knee cap (ouch!) although that doesn't seem too bad now, didn't feel it out walking or running today. My sore toe from getting cut and bleeding the other day out walking felt worse!! This heat can make my RA worse because it causes more inflammation which is the root of my arthritis, I tend to suffer more in the summer than winter months! I find the strength training harder on my joints, even the warming up exercises make me ache loads and I struggle with nowadays, probably why I put off doing it :). For me I am unfit at the moment, but on average my fitness if probably better than I give myself credit for as I've always done it so I'm used to it, just used to being able to do it for longer and harder lol.

Have a great week too, I am finally back in the zone and I want to thank this forum for helping me get there. Such a lovely bunch and so encouraging!! :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to labessade

Yikes! I take my hat off to you for working through all of that! What a star! :)

We are so lucky to be part of this wonderful community, I certainly wouldn't be where I am now without it :)

Thankyou so much for your kind words xx 1 to 2lb is my aim every week. Slow and steady definitely wins the race 👍

Hi all. Good work on the results everyone. All looking very positive! So glad I didn't give up after the gain last week as this week I have lost 2 and 3/4 lbs. So, I have now lost 3 and 3/4 lbs overall (just going into week 4 of the 12 week plan) so on my way to my first mini goal of 5 lbs for the end of September. I have also gone from 90 cms waist to 86.5 so very happy with that. Happy with the week's progress and a tip for anyone new - definitely take measurements as well as weight progress as you will be surprised at inch/cms loss when the lbs don't seem to be shifting. Thanks again for the challenges. My exercise has increased a lot this week with lots of walking and biking. The only downside is my knee and ankle are a little twingy due to activity increase so holding off the C25K until they settle down. I managed over 200 minutes this week by just using the bike instead of the car a couple of times, walking a couple of school runs instead of driving and a lovely family bike ride in the sunshine yesterday. A great start to the week and as always thanks for the forum support and advice.

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to TheJuggler

Hi Newbiewl,

Yes, there are some excellent results, aren't there! Really great! I'm also really glad to hear that you didn't give up after your gain last week, and that you've stuck with things and managed to lose 2.75 pounds this week and 3.75 pounds overall. Wow, that's great!!! :-) You're on your way to your first mini goal and well on track for that. Great to hear you've lost some inches too - excellent!

Yes, we always advocate taking body measurements - that is a great idea. It is very motivating to see those changes, it's not all about the scales. So many other measures of success to take notice of - fit of clothes is another one.

Glad you're enjoying the Challenges too and increasing your exercise. All those changes you mentioned - walking a couple of school runs, bike rides etc, they all add up.

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Well done everyone! 😊

Mr weighing Machine said i am 24 stone this week, which although is only a pound off (i think? Or is it the same?) I am hoping i have actually lost a bit more fat than that, as i am premenstrual atm and normally put on a few pounds at this time. Even if its a pound off or even its its the same im ok with it. I think next week i will be able to lose a couple lbs as i feel very 'sensible' atm!

Decided not to buy anymore peanut butter though,lol.

Hedgehog xx ☺

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to albinohedgehog

Hi Hedgehog,

I think a pound off at the time of being pre-menstrual is excellent progress, so really well done, and glad you're feeling ok with it - like you say, it's easy to put several pounds on at such a time.

Great that you have a good mind-set currently too- and you're feeling very sensible. No more peanut butter? Why is that? It's incredibly satisfying and healthy in moderation - I often have it on some wholemeal toast with a bowl of soup as a really lovely lunch in the Autumn and Winter months, and would definitely miss it.

But of course, you must do what you want to do, and if having it around is proving challenging in some way, then that is fair enough. I"m purely asking out of interest.

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

albinohedgehog in reply to Zest

Hiya Lowcal, thank you very much for your reply. ☺

Peanut butter tends to bypass my discipline circuits somehow. I cant just leave the jar in the cupboard and eat it normally, i think. I end up grazing on it all day, and if im a bit peckish Im like 'well this seems like a good time for a spoonful of peanut butter' which is fine, but im peckish like 10 times a day, and in the night too. Id like to be more normal around addictive foods, but dont think im ever going to be one of those people that keeps crisps in the cupboard lol. Crisps go in my belly.


ZestHealthy BMI in reply to albinohedgehog

I understand Hedgehog, best to limit yourself if you can, and so you're taking that approach to enable you to manage. Very sensible. Maybe you could buy some tiny pots or sachets of peanut butter - I'm wondering if there are any tiny snack size pots - or like the miniature pots of jam they give with cream teas etc, as those might be really helpful to ration it out. But like you say, not having any in the house until you work out some strategies is helpful. Good luck! :-)

albinohedgehog in reply to Zest

Hiya, yes that might be a good idea, i will have a look online ☺ thank you x

I love that meme, Moreless, you are so right, we should be proud of every day as we work towards our goals, indeed!

Due to the lurgy I managed to lose 2lbs this week, I am going to work hard, now I am better, to make sure they stay off!

morelessAdministrator in reply to LessToLose

Thanks LTL, it's something I've definitely learned on this journey and failed to do on past attempts :)

That 2lbs was your sweetener for the bitter pill of illness! Poor you for having to suffer like that and I'm very glad you're on the mend now :)

I have no doubt that you'll push yourself to new heights to make sure those pounds never rear their ugly heads again! :)

Here's to health and happiness! :)

LessToLose in reply to moreless

Thanks Moreless, I am just glad to be better now!

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to LessToLose

Hi LTL (lovely Fab 5'er),

Congratulations on losing 2 pounds this week. I'm so sorry that you've had a lurgy this week, and it's good that you're feeling better now. I hope you have a lovely week ahead, and no more illness - you've had your share, and hopefully here's to a healthy and fit Autumn for you!

Lowcal :-)

LessToLose in reply to Zest

Thanks Lowcal, I feel much better now thanks!

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to LessToLose

Brilliant! :-)

First time on here. At end of week 7.

Started at 14 st 10lb, this morning I'm down to 13 st 5lb.

More than happ with results so far.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Pj1473

Hi and welcome Pj :)

I'm delighted that you've chosen to join us and that you've shared your starting weight and progress to date :)

We have a choice of things to do now,

1. Take 13st 5lbs as your starting weight.

2. Divide your total loss of 19lbs by 7 and get an average loss for this week of 2.71lbs. Or

3. You can come back and tell us how much you've lost this week :)

I'll leave it between you and Anon-E-Mouse to come up with a solution :)

You've done brilliantly so far and I wonder if you'd like a 1st badge? :)

Keep up the great work and have another fab week :)

Pj1473 in reply to moreless

This week I lost 5lb

morelessAdministrator in reply to Pj1473

Woohoo Pj! Let's go with that!! :D

Fitbit changed my whole way of exercising in a massively positive way, you will love it.

I weighed in at 10st 6.2 llbs this morning so loss of 2lbs since last week :) Hopefully lose 1.5lbs this week to get back and beyond the 10st 5lbs I was before the summer.

Looking forward to joining the Winter equinox challenge next week too.

Good luck one and all.

morelessAdministrator in reply to suzymac

I would never have dreamed of running around the outside of my house 5 times every hour, just to keep up my active hours! :D

Wow! A 2lb loss is amazing suzymac! Well done you! I'm sure that 1.5lbs will soon follow on! :)

Yes! Winter Solstice challenge, here we come! :)

Keep up the great work and have a fab week :)

suzymac in reply to moreless

That rings a bell, I was running up and down the stairs each hour for the same reason:)

morelessAdministrator in reply to suzymac

LOL! We must be off our trolleys! :D

Anon-E-Mouse1lb in reply to suzymac

Hi suzymac

Happy to say that you have actually lost 2.6lbs this week as on 5th you reported your weight as 10st 8.8lbs!

WooHoo, well done.


suzymac in reply to Anon-E-Mouse

Woo, even better. Looks like I'm losing my memory along with the weight :(


I am just starting Week 2 of my weight loss journey. Last week I lost 2lbs so I am pleased with that. I am carefully watching my portion sizes. All the information and online support is excellent.

morelessAdministrator in reply to AlamosSara

Well done Sara! You're off to a flying start! :)

It sounds as if you've really got a handle on everything, I'm so pleased for you :)

Keep up the great work and have another fantastic week :)

Hi everyone

I finally get to join the weekly weigh-ins now that I am back home!

My starting weight is 73.5kg (lost 5kg while I was away) and my first mini goal is to drop another 5kg in the next 5 weeks. (no idea the conversion to stone and pounds...)

I am quite short so this weight is not doing well with my BMI....

Lets hope this week goes well for all

morelessAdministrator in reply to DiveMonkey

Welcome DM and we're delighted that you can finally join us :)

Well done for sharing your starting weight and goals and a big woohoo for the 5kg's you've already lost! :) You qualify for a 5kg badge now, if you'd like one :)

Don't worry about converting, our brilliant Anon-E-Mouse will do that for you :)

Wishing you a great first week back at home :)

DiveMonkey1kg in reply to moreless

Thanks moreless glad I could finally join in!

A badge sounds great! :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to DiveMonkey

It certainly does :)

Congratulations! :)

Hi everyone. After maintaining the past 2 weeks, i am down a pound today, so happy days and fingers crossed its the start of more to come!!

morelessAdministrator in reply to hilljan2002

Yaaaaaay hilljan! Well done you! :)

It's true! Everything comes to he/she that waits! :)

Keep up the great work and those pounds will eventually fall! :)

hilljan2002 in reply to moreless

thanks moreless. I discovered my calorie intake was too low so upped it a bit and metabolism obviously going again now. Never thought I could eat too little!!!

morelessAdministrator in reply to hilljan2002

It's a common mistake that a lot of us have fallen for, so don't think for one minute that you're the only one! :)

Phew, that is a relief, it gets a bit scary when those scales refuse to move, but it looks like you have found out what works to get the weight down again - well done!

Ive stayed the same this week....this is how it goes,lose abit then stop, even though ive lots to lose.But i must stick too it.😊

LessToLose in reply to tequila

It seems to happen like that to some people, stops and starts, but so long as the overall trend is down, then you are on the right track.

Have a great week ahead and I look forward to seeing a big jump down on the scales for you next week! :)

tequila in reply to LessToLose

Thanks.In the past i would just give up but id better lose next week....😆

Stefan241 stone

Weight stayed the same 😬

LessToLose in reply to Stefan24

Bah! That is annoying, Stefan, but it does happen occasionally. Just keep on doing the right things and your scales will be more cooperative next week, I am sure!

Stefan241 stone in reply to LessToLose

Thanks LessToLose for your kind words that will keep me trying have a good week as well 😀👍

LessToLose in reply to Stefan24

Go for it, Stefan - try something different as well, that usually gets them moving!

Stefan241 stone in reply to LessToLose

That's good advice will do 👍

RobLandsdown91Restart March 2020

Made it onto the scales!

A 2lb loss this week. I am now 20st :)


morelessAdministrator in reply to RobLandsdown91

Well done Rob! Next week you'll be into the 19's and I'll be waving my pom poms like mad! :)

Woo-hoo! Well done Rob, that is brilliant - oh, next week the teens will be yours - oh sweet victory!

RobLandsdown91Restart March 2020 in reply to RobLandsdown91

moreless & LessToLose thank you both :)

Prin in reply to RobLandsdown91

19s then next week no pressure 😜

Hi folks, sorry I missed the weigh in last week but glad to be back on again today. At my previous weigh-in I had got to 15st and I must admit I was a bit reluctant to hit the scales today as I've not been quite so good at keeping track of the calories. Must have been keeping reasonably well within limits though as I've gone down to 14 st 13 lb today.

Hooray, hooray! back into the 14s and mini-target #1 achieved. Feeling very pleased with self and it has given me a new enthusiasm to keep going as I was starting to flag a bit

LessToLose in reply to ertsgib

Wow, that just goes to show how you have begun to make permanent changes in your habits, that even when you thought you weren't being mindful, you actually were!

And how fab to be in the 14stone range, eh?

morelessAdministrator in reply to ertsgib

Woohoo ertsgib!! Into the 14's! Pom poms are going nuts! :D

I think Anon-E-Mouse will record your loss as half a pound, as it will be averaged over the two weeks :)

Be motivated by that great feeling and keep up the good work! :)

Onwards and downwards! :)

Hi everyone,

Well I'm back after a 2 week break in the UK, unfortunately I am also 4lb heavier! So now at 11st 7lb

Better knuckle back down to it and hope to shred some for next week! Good luck everyone, hopefully see less of you next week. X

ooops, Snowyowl, it usually comes off really quickly if you get to it straight away, it isn't settled on the hips yet!

Have a great week - you will do great, I am sure!

Anon-E-Mouse1lb in reply to Snowyowl63

Hi Snowyowl63

Hope you enjoyed your two week break. Although you put on 4lb, it was over 4 weeks as you last replied to the Monday weigh in thread 4 weeks ago, so for our stats we will take a 1lb gain for this week.

Onwards and downwards,



A bit late but weighing in at 10 st 8 - a loss of 2lb from last week. Have started running again which helps even though I was like a red tomato at the end. Well done everyone! I hope I'm posting in the right bit.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Hidden

You're not late at all pockets, this is just fine! :)

Well done for losing 2lbs, that's fantastic! It's great that you're back to running too, I hope you'll join us on the tortoise and hare challenge :)

You're definitely posting in the right place too :)

Have a great week :)

LessToLose in reply to Hidden

Well done Pockets - that is a great loss this week and I am sure the running is helping!

Me too on the red-face thing, me too, LOL.

Hi moreless,

12st12lb ; 3lb gain since 2 weeks ago.went jogging yesterday so even though it's a gain I feel more positive.

LessToLose in reply to gman1961

Well done on getting back into it, Gman, that is a positive thing to do and I am sure that gain will be gone in no time with your great attitude!

morelessAdministrator in reply to gman1961

Well that's great news gman! What happened about your scales?

I hope you'll be joining us on the tortoise and hares challenge now :)

Hang onto that positive feeling and have a great week :)

gman19611lb in reply to moreless

Scales ok ,seem to vary in weight upto 5 from day to day . thanks for your reply.

morelessAdministrator in reply to gman1961

You're as bad as me! I do exactly the same! :)

Anon-E-Mouse1lb in reply to gman1961

kHi gman1961

Just been having a look at your ups and downs because my spreadsheet shows that you have stayed the same for two weeks ... so it would appear that:

22nd August you reported your weight as 12st 9lbs (you had lost 2lbs)

29th August you said you had gained 3lbs (making you 12st 12lbs)

5th September you didn't join the weigh in

This week you are still 12st 12lbs.

A little celebration me thinks :)

A maintain is always better than a gain :D

Onwards and downwards, good luck this week


gman19611lb in reply to Anon-E-Mouse

Hi mouse ,

Sat here well happy,thanks for pointing that out to me .spurred me on now , thanks

My word, I went to a wedding last week and ate too much cake I think! I weighed myself this morning at 213.4lbs!!! I'm just 2lbs less than I weighed in at Christmas (aka my heaviest ever)! I've just undone all my hard work.

I had a work medical last week, just after the wedding weekend, the dr took my weight, measured my BMI (38) and gave me a stern word. I was so embarrassed that my blood pressure measured 146/92 when she took it a minute later...

I'm just going through yet another unstoppable eating phase. I am going to embark on a low oxalate diet this week though (calcium deficiency) so I'll be having to watch what goes in my mouth far more closely.

gman19611lb in reply to Cooper27

Hi cooper 27,

We all go through the same, I yo yo from week to week.todays your new tomorrow.good luck.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Cooper27

Oh dear Cooper, wedding cake is a bit moreish, isn't it?! :)

I've just had to Google low oxalate diet, because I'd never heard of it before. I would say that if you followed the 12 week plan, then your diet is almost low oxalate from the get go. There would just be a few food items to avoid.

Are you eating because you're hungry, craving, or bored? It would help to look at the root cause of these eating phases and see if you can avoid the triggers.

I know you've obviously gained, but do you know how much you've gained since your last weigh-in?

Good luck with getting back on track and have a great week :)

Cooper27 in reply to moreless

I think it's a 6lbs gain...

I think I'm just eating because I can, I don't quite have the motivation not to.

I almost think low oxalate blocks everything i eat that's healthy: spinach, kiwi, almonds, apples, peppers, courgette, green beans... It'll take pre-planning, but that'll be good!

morelessAdministrator in reply to Cooper27

Maybe the fact that you'll have to really think about everything will help you to tighten the reins on your eating and put you back in control.

Wishing you lots of luck :)

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Cooper27

Hello Cooper27

Sorry you are having such a difficult time 😕 I agree with moreless, it's important to get your head in the right place, to really think about your relationship with food 😕 Also your motivations for getting healthier and slimmer.

Unfortunately there isn't an easy answer, only you can do this, but this forum is an excellent place to find advice and non-judgmental support 😊 Everyone here has been exactly where you are now.

The 12 week plan is very good, and has weekly emails along the way 😊 Current advice suggests following a more generous plan for long term success, so check out your BMR and target daily calories.

Wishing you very best wishes on your journey 😊

LessToLose in reply to Cooper27

Oh dear, Cooper, I feel for you, I do - you had been doing so well, too.

I think doing a reboot with the NHS 12 week plan will help you get your focus back and a balanced diet does help stop the food cravings (particularly if you cut out refined sugars, I found).

Wishing you a much better week ahead!

Anon-E-Mouse1lb in reply to Cooper27

Hi Cooper27

No-one said this healthy eating is easy, we all struggle from time to time. You seem to have good plan to cope this week :)

I've checked and you have gained 5.6lbs from the last time you weighed in on a Monday weigh in thread. That was 4 weeks ago, so an average gain of 1.4lbs which we will use for the stats this week.

Onwards and downwards, good luck for next week 🍀

Mouse 🐭

Thanks Mouse! I didn't realise it had been 4 weeks, thanks for trawling back! 1.4lbs a week doesn't sound so bad, but I know it basically all happened in those few days! Onwards and skinnywards though....

hello people :-) hope everyone is keeping in good spirits on this windy rainy day xo last week i weighed 9st 6.5lbs, today i am weighing in at 9st 4.9lbs, a loss of 1.6lbs. i really want to get down to 9stone by the end of October. my overall goal and healthy bmi is 8 stone. I am very short, unfortunately that cannot be changed. so, my goal of getting to 9stone this year would be amazing for me. i know it's messed up, but i just celebrated my weight loss by eating 2 tunnocks tea cakes :-D i will be running with my dog later. virtual hugs to all xoxo

morelessAdministrator in reply to emielou

Oh emielou, you have made me laugh! I don't blame you, I love Tunnocks teacakes! :)

Well done for losing 1.6lbs, that's a great loss and I'm sure you'll be down to 9st, or lower by the end of October :)

Have fun running with your dogs and virtual hugs right back at ya! :)

LessToLose in reply to emielou

A good loss Emielou and I don't think the calories in Tunnocks tea cakes is too bad, especially on Monday, which has become Treat Day in my mind too!

I am sure you will make your goal, so keep up the good work!

Prin in reply to emielou

Didn't they used to stretch people on racks 😜 Who says you won't be 5'4" by Xmas

emielou in reply to Prin

lol love it prin!

teasel903 stone

Hi everyone, I,m new on here. Start weight end of March 15st 3lb. After a summer of yoyoing weight am today 13. 13, lost 2lb last week. I presently work seasonally in a hotel and that ends in 6 weeks, so hoping to lose at least another 7lb before then.

morelessAdministrator in reply to teasel90

Hi and welcome teasel :)

It's great that you've joined us and shared your starting weight and goals :)

Well done for already having lost 18lbs, that's fantastic :)

If you haven't already, try and take the time to read the welcome newbies thread, as there's heaps of handy information in it :)

Wishing you all the very best for a successful week :)

LessToLose in reply to teasel90

Yay, congratulations on getting into the 13stone range and out of the 14s - another 2lbs off this week is fabulous - well done!

Hi all, I am away at the moment but had a sneaky weigh-in before I left yesterday morning and I was 10st 0.4lb, a loss of 0.4lb. I hate to think what the scales will tell me next Monday on my return as this will be my 1st week of not counting calories for over 5 months. I am hoping that exercise, sensible choices and portion control will limit any damage but that remains to be seen.

morelessAdministrator in reply to MW50

I think you'll end up surprising yourself Marian. You don't do five months of careful calorie counting and learn nothing, so this week will be the moment of truth :)

It's all about being mindful and not going nuts, just because you're away :)

Well done for that 0.4lbs and good luck for maintaining this week :)

Have faith, you can do it! :)

LessToLose in reply to MW50

Fingers crossed that all you have learned over the last few months will keep you in good stead while you are away and that you come back and surprise us all on Monday :) :)

Hello everybody. This morning the scales said 65.9 kg, 0.7 kg less than last Monday. Woohoo!

LessToLose in reply to PippiRuns

Hi Iben - WOOHOO! That is fantastic, you are doing so well!

PippiRuns1kg in reply to LessToLose

Thank you LTL!

Lost 1kg this week, which was encouraging as I saw no difference last week. Now 61.1kg. Also lost 4cm waist circumference since two or three weeks ago.

On week 6 of the nhs weight loss plan and my main downfalls are not quite always getting 5 a day (needs more planning in advance really) and not being able to maintain 150 minutes of exercise. I went for three runs first time I got the couch to 5k but then one run the other week and none since then. I've been walking around and gardening and doing housework going up and down stairs etc. Feel that I don't have enough energy to go for a run even when I manage to squeeze in time. Also was hoping to start strength and flex once I got used to running but... I don't know, might try that without the running habit yet.

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Eleoskharis

HI Eleoskharis,

Great to see you! Congratulations on losing 1 kg this week, especially as you didn't see a difference last week - glad you were patient and kept focused. Brilliant to hear you've also lost 4cm from your waist, wow!

I'm glad you've been keeping up with exercise, as certainly walking around and gardening and doing housework is demanding. I know you were running 3 times the first week, then 1 run, and now none since then, but don't be hard on yourself - maybe just pledge to do 1 run this week, if you want to pursue that goal, and see how you go. Maybe walk part of it, and jog for a while, and build up that way?

I can see you've got plans to perhaps start with the Strength and Flex, and like you say, maybe that will motivate you to build on it. I certainly found I did far more, especially when I did an Exercise Chart. Just writing something down, and ticking it off etc, can be really validating and inspire you - I would like to wish you all the best for this week, and once again - Congratulations on your great loss of 1kg, that is brilliant.

Lowcal :-)

Eleoskharis in reply to Zest

Thanks!!! That really helps :)

Yay, a whole 1kg is great!

I think your plan of trying the strength and flex exercise sessions before doing the C25K is a good idea - at least you will be moving.

Also, maybe a steps counter or something would be a way to assess if you are active enough already. Or to encourage you to go for a short walk to get your numbers up.

Anyway, you seem to be doing well without any further exercise, so just do what you enjoy doing - no point in forcing yourself if you aren't feeling it!

Yes I think part of the issue is trying to find a way of exercising that I enjoy more, and look forward to. I've been trying to pay attention to steps on my iphone and ahem my pokemon go.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Eleoskharis

Try not to overwhelm yourself Eleoskharis. The 12 week plan is aimed at education, not boot camp! It gives you the tools for you to learn how to live healthily. There are no hard and fast rules, just sensible advice. If 150 minutes of exercise is too much for you at the moment, then do what you can, with a view to increasing it, as and when you feel able.

Maybe walking would be better for you at the moment, you can always try C25K at a later date.

If you split up your five a day to 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch, 1 for a snack and 2 for dinner, it doesn't sound quite as difficult :)

Maybe get these things organised before trying to add anything else into the mix :)

Wishing you all the best for a great week :)

Eleoskharis in reply to moreless

Yes I think in my mind it's hard not to want to do everything that this PDF tells me I should be trying to do and have done by this point. I am quite pleased with progress so far. Thanks for the tips.

Hi everyone,

I haven't had time to read everyone's replies yet but did want to say huge congrats to marco83 :)

This week I weigh 9st 3.2lbs, which is a loss of 1.4lbs :) I'm very happy with that as now there is only 5.2lbs to go to my goal.

Onwards and downwards :D

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Anon-E-Mouse

Hi Mouse, (lovely Fab 5'er and brilliant Stats woman),

Yes, marco83 has done brilliantly! :-)

So have you - you've lost 1.4 pounds this week, and many Congratulations to you. You're getting ever closer to your goal, not long now!!!

Onwards and downwards,

Lowcal :-)

Well done, Mouse, losing 1.4lbs is a really super loss this week and brings you so much closer to your goal - it is within sniffing distance and I know Moreless will enjoy waving her pom-poms when you get there!

morelessAdministrator in reply to Anon-E-Mouse

Yaaaaay Mouse! Well done you! You're inching ever closer to that goal now! Only 5.2lbs to go! Oh my gosh, that's amazing! My pom poms are starting to twitch now! :)

Hello All. Sounds like you folks have had a very busy week! Congratulations to you, and wishing you success on your journey this week :)

I lost one and a half pounds this week - well chuffed. That's 7 and a half pounds off. Now into my second half stone in 6 weeks. :)

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Barne

Hi Barne,

Hello! Many thanks for your kind words to us all. Much appreciated!!! :-)

You've done really well losing 1.5 pounds this week - glad you're feeling chuffed - that's a great feeling!!! :_)

Wow, you've lost 7.5 pounds in total - you could have a half stone badge if you like? Just let either me or moreless know if you'd like to have one, and it will be with you in a jiffy! But I realise you're on your way to a stone, so maybe you want to wait - or maybe you're not necessarily bothered about a weight loss badge. It's an option to consider.

Wishing you an excellent week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

Barne in reply to Zest

Hi Lowcal and moreless :) I would love a badge, I'm just a big kid! It will be a little reminder of how far I have come, and an incentive to keep going!!

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Barne

Great, I'll get one for you right away!!! :-)

Barne in reply to Zest

Love my badge Lowcal - thanks :)

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Barne

It looks lovely, Barne - I know it doesn't acknowledge the extra half pound you've lost, but it means you're already on your way to your stone badge!!! :-)

LessToLose in reply to Barne

Hi Barne and congratulations on losing another 1.5lbs this week and breaking into your next half stone block (that is the way I looked at it at the beginning - just little blocks of half stones).

You are doing very well and I am sure you will have another great week in the week ahead!

Barne in reply to LessToLose

Thanks LesstoLose, I like the idea of little half stone blocks - a visual :)

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi everyone,

I'm making an exception by copying and pasting feelgood41's result, as she's tried twice to post, but has done so in an old thread dated January 2016, so I'm tagging her so she can hopefully find us here.

Feelgood41 has said:

"Hi Lowcal. I must be the one that there is always one of! I lost 2lbs last week Monday-Monday I feel great and think the extra exercise sessions have turned the corner. Thank you for your perseverance"

So my reply to you Feelgood41 is:

Congratulations on losing 2 pounds - which is an excellent weight loss - it's great that those extra exercise sessions have helped you turn the corner, and well done to you for persevering.

Wishing you another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

Congratulations to feelgood41 on a great weight loss this week and to improved fitness.

Hopefully you will find the thread with much more ease next week :)

My new name must be YoYo - back down to 12st 4lbs, so lost the 2lbs I put on last weekend. Even though it was another weekend away and plenty of treats! Cant make sense of it.

Going to refocus my efforts and try to get out of the 12's by Chrimbo - and stay there for Chrimbo

LessToLose in reply to SandyJJ

Hi Sandy (I do prefer that to YoYo, LOL), I am so glad you lost those 2lbs this week, even though you had another weekend away! I have no idea how that works either, but I am glad it did!

I am sure you can get out of the 12s for definite by Christmas, so go for it - you can do it!

Have just returned from a 4 week holiday,where I drank and ate too much. Have recommenced my healthy eating plan,as I now weigh 82kg and will resume my gym visits tomorrow. According to my BMI I am obese and really need to make a determined effort to lose at least 3 stone.

LessToLose in reply to Owain

Hi Owain, it is great to have you back and that you had a lovely 4-week holiday.

Starting afresh sounds like a good idea and with a renewed effort, I am sure you will be out of the obese BMI range very soon indeed!

Tried to add my weighin this am but used the wrong link managed to gain 1.5lb don't know how soooo disappointed my weight today is 14.12lb again total loss since 1st Aug now 9.75lb I need to continue onwards and downwards wish me luck Good luck to you all

LessToLose in reply to Superslim

Hi Superslim - well done on finding this thread and posting your weight change this week. I am sorry that you have gained, but if it is not due to anything you have done differently, then it is probably one of those blips that happen now and again and I am sure the result will be much better next week if you stick to plan.

Your overall trend is down and losing nearly 10lb since the 1st August is fabulous - so you are doing really, really well.

Have a great week ahead and good luck to you too!

Superslim in reply to LessToLose


ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Superslim

Wishing you luck, Superslim. :-)

I've maintained the same weight

LessToLose in reply to alejandra

Hi Alejandra, we always say a maintain is better than a gain, so there is that positive look at it.

Some weeks that happens and if you stay on plan and do all you should do, then the weight will come off next week - so good luck for a successful week ahead!

Jings. I can't believe I'm about to do this, but here goes.

Started the programme on 29th August, so just finished my second week. Think I'm doing okay with it, but need to work towards upping the activity levels - particularly strength training. Anyway, those numbers.....

Last week: 116.1 kg

This week: 115 kg

LessToLose in reply to don_iain

Hi Don_Iain, thanks for joining in and congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier you.

Losing 1.1kg this week is marvellous, you are doing great. Doing some strength training is a super way to tone up and increase your metabolism. At the beginning of my weight loss journey, I began by walking, a bit of recumbent cycling and some weight-training and it really helped.

Anyway, you are certainly on the right track and I hope you have a great week ahead!

I ve maintained this week too, so still a pound off that elusive first stone. Relieved really, been a week with some comfort eating due to work stress, so could have easily been a gain.

J x

Just goes to show that you have already learned some healthy habits and maintaining is always better than a gain, especially under difficult circumstances.

I hope your work week is much better and that you have a decent result on the scales next Monday.

Anon-E-Mouse1lb in reply to Jennifred68

Hi Jennifred68

As we say on here, a maintain is better than a gain, so well done for that. 👍

You will lose that pesky pound and get to your 1 stone loss, it just may take a little longer. Good luck for next week 🍀


DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

Hi Lowcal, Moreless and all,

My scales have been hovering between last week's weight of 12st 8lbs and 12st 7lbs...and today they said 12st 7lbs! A pound lost! One more lb to go to get my 3 Stone badge, (from a starting weight of 15st 6lbs)!

12st 7 was my original target for a maintainance weight, but I am now working towards 11st 7lbs which is a weight recommended by the BMI Charts and at which I will be happy to maintain.

Work has gone a bit manic this month,.... and my pc keeps playing up, (so if I go quiet, that is why)....we had 13 breakfasts to cook on Sunday, 9 this morning, and 9 today and 11 on Tuesday and it carries on that way until the weekend.....roll on the lovely quiet winter months when I get to snooze for another half hour!

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to DartmoorDumpling

Well done DD! That 3 stone badge will be yours before you know it 😊🎉🎈

Hi DartmoorDumpling

Scales can be really naughty, but at least they were nice to you in the end :) Well done for losing a pound this week, and so close to your 3 stone badge, you'll do it next week and we will all have our pom-poms out waving for you!

Wow, with so many breakfasts to cook, you have done really well, if it was me I probably have to sample a few to make sure they were OK - or that would be my excuse!

Good luck for this week 🍀



Hi I have lost 0.5lb this week. Not a good week.

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Hidden

Any loss is a good loss 😊Well done

Prin in reply to Hidden

Maybe not the best week ever, however it's a good week because it's a loss yay! moreless will give her Pom poms a little wave for you *\o/*


Not sure if I'm posting in the right place at the right time please advise if I'm not. First week at this so my start weight is 10st13lb. Look forward to joining you all on the weight loss journey.

Prin in reply to Totalyoyo

Yes you are my lovely, great to have you on board, have a look around the challenges - see what you fancy there is loads of motivation here, how much do you want to lose? And do you have any short term goals?

Totalyoyo in reply to Prin

Fab, thanks. Id like to get to 9st 7ish which is what I was at when initially lost weight with Ww after having my children, it's where I felt most comfortable in my clothes and with my fitness. Only difference is Now its not baby weight I've got to shift and I now work full time so exercising is tricky to slot it, although I've dusted off my davina DVDs and 3 30 mins over the weekend!

My first mini mini goal is 10st 7, followed by 10st.

I'm loving this site already, so glad I stumbled across it from nhs plan.

Prin in reply to Totalyoyo

A grand start, lol it took me 23 years to finally shift my baby weight 😂😂😂, enjoy your DVDs and give Davina my regards! Have a great week

Hi, lost 1lb this week. xx

Prin in reply to Suew888

Every pound counts! Well done and keep going - have a good week 🤗

Evening everyone.

Congrats to everyone for amazing results. I've not had time to actually read the post yet, but I will later in the week. I've had a busy day today so only just managed to get on her.

I weighed in at 83 kg this morning. 0.4 kg loss from last week. I'm happy with that. One step in the right direction again :)

Off out for a little evening walk with the dog now (though I would much rather go to bed as I've been up since 6 am, but the dog does not agree, lol)

Anon-E-Mouse1lb in reply to Carpo82

Well done Carpo82 for losing 0.4kg this week, as you say, definitely a step in the right direction :)

I hope you enjoyed your walk with your dog even though you were up at 6am today, it's good exercise and could mean a little more weight off ready for next Monday's weigh in. :D

Good luck for next week 🍀

Mouse 🐭

Prin in reply to Carpo82

Nice one! Every little helps- enjoy your evening walk and have a great week🐶

Hi Lowcal. Sorry for very late entry but have been super busy shopping with my daughter to get all her essentials as she is off to university on Saturday. My weight today is 10 stone and half a pound so that makes 4 pound loss from last week which is half of my holiday weight gain. Quite amazed at losing that this week but I am very pleased as I was feeling very sluggish and bloated after holiday. As my daughter is off on to Uni I am slightly concerned that I may turn to comfort eating as I am going to miss her so much. So will be focusing on keeping within calorie allowance and trying to lose those 4 pounds again and then to keep within maintenance level. Hope everyone else had a good weigh in today. Have a great week :)

Anon-E-Mouse1lb in reply to muffintop67

Hi muffintop67,

Super dooper weight loss for you this week! 4lbs, well done :) The rest of that holiday weight will be gone before you know it.

You're not late posting, anytime up until 6pm Friday evening is OK. :D

It must be hard with your daughter going off to university, and I'm sure you will miss her. Its good that you have already decided to focus on your calorie allowance, that should help. To occupy your mind, perhaps think about taking up a new hobby or spend more time on a hobby that you already do.

Good luck for next week 🍀

Mouse 🐭

Prin in reply to Anon-E-Mouse

Great minds👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

Thanks Anon-E-Mouse. Yes I may need to find something to occupy me and to stop me eating! :)

Prin in reply to muffintop67

Well done on blasting those holiday pounds, can you shed some of mine for me too😳 Good luck to your daughtear she will be fine mum, can you comfort something else? Crochet her a blanket maybe😂😂

muffintop67 in reply to Prin

Thanks so much Prin. Will try to focus on something other than food for sure :)

ooops I've gained 1.25 lbs since last week going up to 173.75 - could have been a lot worse though and in the previous week I lost 5 lbs so I was expecting fluctuation!

I'm struggling with motivation and sticking to healthy snacks. I've just wanted to guzzle pastries and carbs and chocolate for the past week I think because of stress. I can see my sugar intake is going up because I've got some more spots after weeks of clear skin!! oh well - I'm trying to be kind to myself at the moment and am dreaming up some yummy healthy things to eat instead of hitting the biscuit tin. have a good week everyone!

Prin in reply to LinaLamont

Hi we all hit a wall from time to time! We will all help you climb over. Ditch the biscuit tin if there is anythingin it take it to work! What about some nice Cadburys highlights for a chocolate fix? I quite like a caramel rice cake. Keep going and have a great week 🤗

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to LinaLamont

Yep, we'll help build a ladder so you can climb over easily Lina. It can be hard sometimes, and I'm glad you're trying to be kind to yourself at the moment, and thinking of some yummy healthy things to eat instead of the biscuit tin.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

LinaLamont3lbs in reply to Zest

aw thank you Prin and Zest, very sweet of both of you! Unfortunately I think work is the place where I tend to fall down, we are regular biscuit eaters in my office. I am struggling a bit with energy throughout the day so I tend to look at a biscuit or two as a quick fix for a sugar rush. So I need to look again at what I eat for main meals and see how that can get better, more wholegrains and protein I expect!

on the plus side, a lot of my clothes have felt a lot looser in past week and I've just donated most of them to charity!!

thanks again and have a good week both of you :)

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to LinaLamont

Thanks for your good wishes, Lina.

Maybe take a look at the recipe collation post in the Pinned posts area for ideas. Good luck, and have a great week. :-)

Evening! I can't remember where to find my last posted weight, but I know it was more than I am now! I think I was 11 st 2 2 and now I'm 11st 0 4. Woo hoo! Only a couple of pounds to go until I reach my personal goal.

Moreless, so glad you got a fitbit - they're brilliant aren't they?!

Prin in reply to suffolkwomble

moreless is a menace I know she has done nearly 130,000 steps in the last 7 days😁 Who wants Fitbit friends like that😂😂😂 good luck with that goal I can smell it! Have a great week

suffolkwomble in reply to Prin

Thanks Prin x

suffolkwomble in reply to Prin

Just checked my fitbit and I've done a measly 103,000, so you're right, who needs a fitbit friend like that! Ha ha!

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to suffolkwomble

Hi Suffolkwomble,

Fantastic to hear you've lost 1.8 pounds this week, really well done!!! :-) Wooo Hooo!!! You're getting so closer to your personal goal - really great!!!

moreless will see your comment about her Fitbit tomorrow - and I can imagine they are good fun. I don't have one myself, but I am always hearing people talking about them. :-)

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

suffolkwomble in reply to Zest

Lowcal - now you know what to get for Christmas 😉

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to suffolkwomble

I've got Shealth on my phone though, so not sure if I need it. I will however have a look, and see what the differences are. :-)

Prin in reply to Zest

Does sleep pattern including awake and restless, heart rate, links to MFP and you get badges, so today I have done 24,200 steps but I have to march round the lounge until I do 25,000 so I can det a badge, you get lifetime achivements too- I have my Japan badge it's for so many miles, since I got it in Jan I have done 4,118,929 steps😮

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Prin

Interesting, I will definitely have a look into it. :-)

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi everyone,

Suzie54 did try to find the right thread, but she posted in January 2016 as well - so I've decided to bring her over here, by copying and pasting. But essentially, Suzie, for future reference, just look for the post in the Events section (below the Pinned posts) and that's where the latest thread is always kept. It will hopefully be easy to find, once you're aware of where to look for it.

So, Suzie54 wrote:

"Good Evening everyone. Finding everything a real effort at the moment. I cannot seem to string two good days together. My motivation level is really low & my eating habits are terrible fuelled by the fact that I keep buying chocolate, biscuits cake etc. I'm buying this stuff to cheer myself up & for a few minutes it does, then I feel even worse, full of guilt. I cannot remember the last time I felt really hungry, I seem to have lost the ability to recognise when I am hungry. I'm 62 in a week's time & I'm really concerned about the effect my heating habits are going to have on my long term health, but I still can't seem get it together. This all sounds very wimpy & I feel that I should be able to just "pull myself together" but I'm finding it difficult. Anyway my weigh in this morning revealed that I had put on 2 lbs, not surprised, my weight is 15stone 10 lbs. The other interesting thing is when I'm out walking Jarvis my staffie, I hardly give food a second thought but as soon as I'm back in the house the cravings start, I guess its something to do with keeping busy. Sorry this is such a negative post but others might have some ideas to help me out. Thanks for reading x"

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Zest

Hi Suzie54 - I hope you will find this reply to you, and I copied and pasted your reply, as it was in the wrong post, but not to worry - I found you, and I would like to say that I sympathise with your difficulty regarding cravings, it can be very tough when you get those. It's good that you don't think about food when you're out walking Jarvis, so at least you know that keeping busy outside the house definitely helps. I suspect that you have various cues relating to home that remind you of food, and it can be especially difficult if you have foods available to munch on.

I would recommend having a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as it has lots of really helpful advice and a supportive structure to enable you to have regular meals and snacks, which would help to stop hunger from taking control. Maybe have a look at that plan, and see what you think, if you've not already seen it.

The Welcome Newbie post is also very helpful. There are quite a few posts in there that are very motivating and give some good suggestions.

I'd like to wish you a good week ahead, and I know your Birthday is approaching - I hope you have some nice plans for celebrating it.

Take care, and I'll look forward to catching up with you again next week, and hopefully see you around and about in the forum in the meantime.

Lowcal :-)

Suzie54 in reply to Zest

Thanks Lowcal. I've found the re directed post & your reply. I don't know how I managed to post in the wrong thread I'm not usually such a divvy 😊

Thanks for your advice, I do tend to sit & not do a lot when I'm in the house. It's not that I haven't got things to do it a lack of get up & go. I shall persevere & hopefully things will sort themselves out. Good Night ZZZZZ

Prin in reply to Suzie54

Welcome Suzie glad to see you have found us, keeping busy is key but habits are hard to break, even just browsing the forum can prevent snacking-night night

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Suzie54

Really glad you found us, Suzie, and good luck this week. Don't hesitate to pop back to the forum if and when you need to - and I hope you had a good night's sleep and that today will be a good one for us all. :-)

LessToLose in reply to Suzie54

Hi Suzie,

I am often quite tempted to nibble when I am at home alone, but find keeping my hands busy very useful (I knit and sew or draw). I also volunteer at a charity shop on my days off, which was scary at first, but now I love it.

Do you manage your 10,000 steps a day? Maybe you could take your staffie out for extra walks too, I am sure s/he would enjoy that as well.

I hope you can find something that keeps you away from the biscuit tin - good luck for a better week next week!

Anon-E-Mouse1lb in reply to Suzie54

Hi Suzie54

Last time you checked in with the Monday weigh in thread was 18th July when you reported being 15st 8lbs. As you are now up to 15st 10lbs, a small 2 lb gain over 8 weeks, so we an either take 0.25lb gain for this week, or we can put you as a new starter for the stats. Please let us know.

Its brilliant that you have controlled your weight like that over two months :D


ZestHealthy BMI

11.15pm I am turning in for the night, as I'm really tired, but please keep posting if you're here for a late night weigh-in, there will be someone around till approx midnight - Prin is our night shift worker!!! :-) Lovely Fab 5'er. :-)

I'll pop back in the morning to check for late weighers, and this weigh-in thread is open for Late Weighers till 6.00pm on Friday 16th September 2016, so make sure your weigh-in result is included before then, to be included in our weekly stats.

Lowcal :-)

ZestHealthy BMI

Note to Late Weighers: We will accept Late Weighers in this this thread, but please ensure you post before the cut-off point (for inclusion in the weekly stats), which is 6pm on Friday 16th September 2016. Many thanks.

Lowcal :-)

Late again but I'm not hiding. Went to my nephews wedding on Thursday so unfortunately I've put on 1/2lb, last week I was 16st 4lbs now I'm 16st 4 1/2lbs. I'm not quitting though I'm gonna loose that 1 1/2lbs to get to my 1st stone again if it kills me. Congratulations to everyone for your achievements onwards and downwards to next week. 😆

RobLandsdown91Restart March 2020 in reply to Shortcake69

Never mind Shortcake, a small gain is never the end of the world :)

Have a great week this week :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to Shortcake69

Crumbs Shortcake, 1/2 a pound is nothing after a wedding, I think that's a brilliant achievement! :)

I know you'll get back to that stone and I'll have my pom poms ready and a shiny new badge, if you want it! :)

Wishing you a fantastic week :)

Lexi_18122 stone

1lb gain from 11st 11lb to 11st 12lb. I seem to have hit another plateau! I'm wondering if it's worth eating slightly more for the next few weeks to see if it will kick start something, so even if I gain up to half a stone in the short term, I'll lose that and more when I go back on the diet again. Has anyone tried this method and has it worked??

Looking at my notes, it's nearly a year since I started my diet proper - I'm on week 51(!) - with another half a stone to lose so it would be nice to get rid of that last half a stone and finally be in the "normal" BMI range :-)

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Lexi_1812

Hi Lexi,

Great to see you! Sorry to hear you've hit another plateau - they are out there aren't they, and when one is hit it can be frustrating. At least you've only gained 1 pound, it could have been worse. I think you might like to post that query in the main body of the forum, to ensure you get lots of responses - or at least more responses than would be likely in this thread, as after Mondays, there are only Late Weighers likely to come along here, and many people read the thread on Mondays and maybe not as frequently after that.

Wow, week 51 - please keep your resolve, and here's to tackling that last half a stone - it is definitely more challenging to shift the final few pounds, I know this from my own experience. But you're close to the healthy BMI range, and I feel sure you'll get there, as long as you hold onto your resolve and keep focused.

Good luck,

Lowcal :-)

Hello all I am new in health unlocked. I would like to add my weight for yesterday : 92.4 kgs ~ 14.55.

morelessAdministrator in reply to Bhondo

Hi and welcome Bhondo, I'm glad to see that you made it :)

Well done for sharing your starting weight with us and I wonder if you have any short, or long term goals? :)

It's also a good idea to take some measurements, for those weeks that the scales don't seem to be co-operating! :) I'd also advise taking a photo, so that you can have a before and after at the end of your journey :)

Wishing you all the very best for your first week :)

I've continued to maintain but have started to try and lose again so hope to post a loss next Monday :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to Willlose

Fantastic Willlose, we'll keep our fingers crossed for you :)

Claire311 stone

Good morning sorry late again!! Lost 1lb this week so now 11st 0.8 xx will try to be on time next week 😳😳xx hope everyone has a good week xx

morelessAdministrator in reply to Claire31

No probs Claire, the stats aren't complete yet :)

Well done for losing another 1lb and you're soooooo close to those 10's! My pom poms will be waiting for you next week :)

Have a great week :)

Claire311 stone in reply to moreless

Thank you I'm looking forward to those Pom poms xx 😀😀xx


Hi. Late again! My bro and sister in law go back to the States this morning after a good visit. They have been so lucky with the weather! I'm still at 11st 6 so no change, but it could have been a lot worse as we have eaten out. Just treated myself to a fitbit as well, it will be great to log the steps, aiming to join the new challenge! Have a great week x

morelessAdministrator in reply to Mrscaw

A maintain is always better than a gain MrsCaw, especially when you've been entertaining guests :)

You're going to l love your new Fitbit, I've just got one and it's brill! :)

Have a great week and happy walking! :)

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi everyone,

I am helping Fitforit75 out, as she has tried valiantly to post in the weigh-in this week, but has had significant difficulties, so I'm making an exception and copying and pasting her result, so that it can be included in this week's stats:

Kate wrote:

"pls could you record my weight as 1lb gain up to 17st (totm - hopefully!)"

My reply to you Kate: Really sorry you had such difficulties posting, but rest assured you are included in the stats now, as Anon-E-Mouse will be including all people who post prior to the cut-off time of 18 00 this evening (16.09.16).

Very normal to gain during the TOTM, so here's to an onwards and downwards trend for you going forward. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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