Visualizing the progress can keep me motivated

Visualizing the progress can keep me motivated

And I have been for many years a lecturer in econometric (and stats) so I like looking at data and graphs. So this is my way of telling the story so far... through my weekly data point.

I have started this long journey this summer, at 96 kilos and over 30 of BMI, with almost 20 kg. to go to healthy BMI. about 8 weeks in the forum I am at 84, with 6 kilos to go!

The graph shows moments of stall and moments in which dropping pounds was going well. It will be a reminder for me in the months to come that this is possible even when it looks like the scale is blocked at some point! The important is to create a healthy life style which allows not only to lose weight but also to maintain a healthy BMI! I will update this to keep track of my progress over time, and to ask for help when in need ;)

Downward and forward ;)

thanks for being here


PS. October update, closer to healthy BMI than ever after a few weeks of stall... never give up :)

PPS. November update - 15 Kilos, very close to healthy BMI, but on a plateau...

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13 Replies

  • I love visuals, it's so great to see your progress! You've just reminded me to update one of mine, so I will go and do it right now!

  • Great! Also loving the visual too. Congrats on great progress :)

  • I haven't actually done this, but I might!! Good idea 😊😊😊

  • Thanks Marco, I've now copied your idea ;) My 'lose' line is much flatter than yours with more up and downs, but I've broken through the healthy BMI line now on the way to my target weight. Sometimes you think you're getting nowhere and charts like this are super for seeing the progress however slow! You've made amazing progress that is an impressive loss over eight weeks.

    On another note I think you said you were going to do some work on the core - have you made a start and if so do you have any exercises to recommend. I'm upping my plank times for Ruth_canal_runner 's September strength challenge. I'm finding them tough but doable they are supposed to be the biz for the core but I'm not feeling anything yet so no idea if they are working or not.

  • Not really my idea, I guess there are already a few graphs in the forum, much better than mine in terms of graphics... But this is effective for me with the two lines :)

    thanks for keeping me on track, I have not done anything on the core. I am planning to look into yoga, and have a series of exercise I want to try, but I struggle finding the time... I'll update here if I have any news and have a look into planks...

    On the progress, the closer you get to healthy weight the slower the progress, and once below it is definitely harder... but I will be happy to pass that healthy weight line ;)

  • Great idea! I wonder if Nutracheck have a graph section...

    Aha found it and weighed in. Thanks!

  • Fantastic progress Marco,

    Visuals are always helping us keep on track.However your graph is nice and you weight loss is really really amazing!!

    12 KGS in only 8weeks time!

    You know I am stuck on 70 KGS from last 4 weeks.Trying hard but feeling difficult.

    Good luck for the next 6 KGS.

  • Wow, this is a stunning graph Marco, great progress, very inspiring! :-)

  • I have just check and done my calculations in Excel and I had a nice surprise:

    my BMI borderline healthy weight (25) is actually ~79.5 kg. (79.3 kg. to be precise...) so that me even closer to my target :)

    I will edit the graph to reflect this :)

    happy days :)

    as my granny use to say some time it is best to do things on your own ;)

  • Update Monday the 12th September. I am still going down this week, but it is getting more difficult. I am planning to stay calm for a couple of weeks, aiming for maintaining at least and then try to push it back again in October-December to get to healthy BMI by Mid/end November (79Kg.) and 78 by Christmas.

    After all we are here to get to a healthy weight and maintain it, so I need to teach myself the second lesson as well and loosing weight :)

  • As promised, this is a live post and I am updating the graph every week! This one is a negative one (with a 1.5 Kg. increase) but it was a nice weekend!!!

    Now I need to get back on track. I know what happened, I know how to deal with it, I need action ;)

  • Ohb1.5 kg gain but not a problem you can lose it in a week I am sure as you know how to because your progress is amazing in weight loss.


  • After a month of ups and down and essentially a stall just before the 15 kilos loss threshold, I have a good update. I have crossed that threshold and I am only 1 Kilo away from my healthy BMI.

    Lesson learnt: never give up. Stall happens and as i read many times on this community loosing weight and maintain is rather a marathon than a sprint. Enjoy the ride and keep going!!!!

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