Well all my eating has been terrible this week. Between barbecues, Indians. Chinese birthday cake and fish and chips.!!!!! However I have done a 30 mile hike....15 miles on Saturday and 15 miles on Sunday returning to my car. I was quite annoyed though as my left knee was very sore on the journey back and I struggled big style. I made it home though to tell the tale. It was swollen and it felt that like all the muscles around my knee were tight. Loved the hike and I do hope to do it again if I am able....glutton for punishment 😊


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8 Replies

  • Most of us have bad weeks - I know I did last week! Let it go, move on and climb back onto the wagon with us. You know you can do it 😄

    Lovely pic, and please be gentle with yourself and your knees😀

    Mouse 🐭

  • Heya. Well done on your hike!

    I had a bad week food wise too as I was away at my grandpas. Trifle and big dinners oh dear. Never mind these things happen.


  • Love the picture. Highlands?

  • This actually Loch Muick near Ballater. The walk we went on was Tarvside to Aboyne. Aberdeenshire. Hard going but I enjoyed the challenge.

  • Hi. Life happens! It's what we do overall that counts. I've not been so good recently due to holidays & lots of girlie lunches & catch-ups, but they are important too. Well done for exercising - be kind to yourself and look at the positives. At least you recognise what the problem is - get back on to normal track and you'll be fine and feel better too. Eating out is nice for a while, but I find I'm better eating in my own way. Look after the knees!

  • To be honest I really need to get back to NORMAL eating...I have had a great week eating but I could not continue to eat like that ALL the time I would be ill. If I loose the weight I might have less pain in my knee.

  • No, getting back on track is good. If you ate like that all the time it wouldn't be a treat anyway (at least that's what we need to tell ourselves).

  • This is very true Sue-S. I remember years ago, going to a Chinese restaurant was a treat once a year. Now it is a weekly treat for some.😐

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