Im new here!

Im new here and well I've just been diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries, I was aware thats what it possibly could be and I've always said I've needed to lose at least 3 stone. I've always had trouble sticking to diets so my doctor suggested I joined this and taking part in the 12 week plan. Hopefully the support and encouragement from here will help keep me on track and I'll be able to lose the weight and get down to the weight in which I want to achieve


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  • Lowering your insulin levels will help

  • hi and welcome, lots of ideas and support here, good luck, plan does work

  • I know very little about PCO but I just wanted to welcome you to this friendly place - great that your GP has suggested the forum and the 12 week plan. Have you managed to find out what your recommended daily calorie intake should be? I would suggest using the app My Fitness Pal for keeping track of your calorie intake. And you might want to join our weekly weigh-in on Mondays.

    Read more about everything in the newbie post on the right.

  • Hello ☺ Welcome and good luck with your goals. I'm new here too and have just started the plan. We can do it this time!

  • I'm struggling, I mean I'm starting tomorrow however my parents are not on board with this, so it's really hard. So I have no idea how to manage it

  • Hi I'm new 1st day today but all the comments and support on here are so encouraging and positive I've got at least 6 stone to lose but I am so motivated just 24 hours on just by reading comments on this web this time yesterday I was sitting crying!!!!!!!! But no more no looking back just forward good luck in your journey . X

  • Thank you and good luck, it's encouraging to know that there other people working towards this. I'm starting tomorrow with the 12 week diet, I just hate feeling judged and I know that's what my family are going to do

  • To be honest I'm not saying anything to my family ........O are you on a diet again!!! So I'm doing this for me it's is life changing its long term this time. At the end of week 4 will compare how you feel and I bet you will feel great good luck I will be following you x

  • Thank you, I'll be following you as well. Good luck!!

  • Hi,

    I also have PCOS. I'm restarting the plan today having completed it once before. It is a good plan and works if you stick with it but be prepared for a slower than normal weight loss. I know a lot of people lose 20-40 pounds in the 12 weeks but 1 stone in 12 weeks should be a huge success if you have PCOS.

    There is some light at the end of the tunnel I promise! Just got to keep going. I think tgis plan is reasonably straight forward to stick to compared to other diets / weight loss plans out there.

    Good luck!

  • Well at least it works I guess, I find it hard to keep on the straight and narrow!

    Good luck to you too!!

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