Does losing weight result in looking older?

I wonder if anyone else has tried (and succeeded in) losing weight in their '60s? I am slightly haunted by the fear that if I do manage to lose the 1.5 - 2 stone that I would like to shed, that I will end up looking 10 years older through having more facial lines and have loose flappy skin on my thighs, belly and upper arms! This is actually a serious question, as the fear is sabotaging my motivation to succeed, and I've only just started...


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  • Well I am 56 and look 10 years younger since loosing 3 stone :-)

  • Well perhaps 5 😏

  • Fantastic reply Mollydex, thank you!

  • Hi, I'm 66 and have lost 2.5 stone so far with no aweful aging side effects. We all lose muscle as we age and this can contribute to flabby upper arms and thighs, to counteract this I would advise that you find an aerobic and a strength exercise that you enjoy and can do daily - l power walk daily and do a kettlebell routine for strength every other day. Likewise older skin is less elastic, if you have a lot to lose then a slow and steady loss of just 1lb a week will allow the skin time to adjust to less padding, and a frequent and liberal application of body lotion will help. Don't lose heart, it is perfectly acheivable and the health benefits are well worth it.

  • I have lost over 2 Β½ stone, aged 59 and people have been very complimentary about my new appearance. I was worried slightly about my skin but can honestly say everything about losing weight has been positive, not too wrinkly or saggy and feel so much fitter, eating healthily is actually good for your skin and everything else. I would aim for the top end of the healthy weight range if I were you, probably not good to get too thin. Good luck!

  • Thank you Sailsalot - that is good news - and I take your point about the healthier skin and better look of carrying less weight. I guess feeling lighter and healthier is likely to improve confidence and hence posture and general sense of wellbeing, which all good and worth working towards.

  • I think its different for everyone. I'm 28 and keep getting told I actually look like an adult the more weight I loose πŸ˜‚ I always had a very baby face and being chunky didn't help.

  • Yup - I think you are right, being chunky doesn't help, and I guess it's important to focus on the most important thing - which is to get healthier and fitter, and that (in my case) primarily means losing some weight.

  • I'm 55, felt very old and past it a year ago, overweight and mobility issues, I feel 20 years younger 😊 How you feel will shine out of your face, if you feel fit and healthy it will show 😊 Go for it!

  • Thanks Anna61 - I know what you mean about the feeling old and past it - I have started having all sorts of aches and pains, which has made me feel 84 rather than my 64 years, and it isn't good for general morale. I think my daily exercising has already made some difference, as people keep telling me I look well (though that may also be having stopped work), so I now need to tackle the weight and general health. I will go for it!

  • Glad you are enjoying retirement 😊 Also getting more exercise, that always boosts the spirit 😊 Next step is watch the pounds disappear! Slow and steady wins for me 😊Good luck

  • Hi - slow and steady I think is the answer. I'm 69 and it took me nearly 6 months to lose 23lbs, going from 14st. 1lb to 12st.6 lb and I looked and felt so much better. I put on 3lbs when my son and his family visited from Australia, but lost 1lb of that almost as soon as they left. I have no ambition to look like a supermodel (some chance) and would be happy to get below 12 stone. At 5'6" the upper end of my normal BMI is 11st. 4lbs but to get to the lower end of the BMI normal range I would need to lose another 3 stone and then I think I would look ill and haggard and have to starve myself in the process. I'm having a diet break during the summer months as I find it easier to lose weight in the winter (no bbq's, outings, holidays to consider). I try to make healthy choices, weigh myself every day and have so far maintained my weight and will start again later in the year when we tend to hibernate more and I have more control over what I buy and eat. You don't say what you weigh at the moment, so as long as losing that 1.5 - 2 stone wont take you to a very low weight, I say go for it. At our age I think it's better to be a few pounds overweight than underweight so why not do 7lbs at a time and take stock on how you look and feel - that way you'll have goals to aim for, as well as getting into the healthy eating habit. Good luck!

  • Thank you Linda Bee - that is all very encouraging and good to hear from someone who really has been there, done that - it is the age thing that was worrying me slightly and I think you are right (as Sailsalot also said) that aiming for the upper end of the healthy weight range is the way to go. I started at 13 stone and was 10 st 7 lb for the Millennium, having lost a stone at that time. Too much good food living in France and Italy much of the last 18 months. I will certainly never be that weight again, but I would like to get down to 11 st 5 lb ideally, but I'll go for half a stone at a time, as you suggest, and review my ultimate goal as I go. Thanks again!

  • Hi. I am 76 and look and feel loads better. So far I have lost 9 lb. it has taken me 3 months but that does not concern me. I feel losing slowly but steadily is the way for me to go and I don't think the amount you mention would result in your horror scenario. Good luck.

  • Wow - that is amazing - well done! And thanks for the encouragement...

  • I'm 61, have always looked younger than I am but I look and feel so much better after loosing nearly 2 stone, with a lot more to go. I would rather feel younger and look my age to be honest.

  • I think you'll end up looking younger -- particularly if you switch to healthier foods and drink more water. Water will help to hydrate your skin and eating more fresh veggies (and therefore vitamins) will help you have a bit more of a glow about you, and make sure to include plenty of the healthy fats that will help plump out your skin.

    I am a little bit younger than you but set out to lose 100 pounds so was definitely worried about loose skin. I did a lot of research early on and decided the healthy fats and fluids were probably the key. Getting on for 85 pounds down now (since January), my skin is not a problem. It is not as tight as it was, but it's keeping up quite well. I eat lots of avocado and salmon, choose full-fat dairy, and I cook with generous amounts of coconut oil and olive oil. I drink lots of fluids. Not just water, lots of tea and coffee too.

    I've always been taken for younger than I am, but it's getting worse now. Or better. I'm not in my 60s, but I'm old enough that I really don't mind people knocking 15 years off my age ;)

    Also, if you're worried, go slow (half a pound to a pound a week) and thoroughly moisturise all the areas you mentioned. I just use cocoa butter (the cheap stuff from home bargains lol) on my body and Oil of Ulay (or whatever it's called now) on my face. No fancy anti-wrinkle creams here. If your skin isn't keeping up at any point, maintain your weight for a a week or two until it does, then start losing again.

    Don't let the fear put you off. You can stop or pause your weight loss at any point! If you lose half a stone then maintain that weight (particularly if you keep to a healthier diet) for six months, you're still in a better place than now.

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