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Healthy just need to lose weight!

Well I had a good overall health check and bloods dome for just about everything - pleased to say everything is perfectly fine 😊. Cholesterol and glucose normal too which is great. Just that I'm 4 stone overweight!! Still I think I'm lucky that I'm in this situation and not having to take any tablets so in my head I've been given the all clear to tackle this weight once and for all so here goes..... xxx

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Excellent place to start from no health issues! I'd take it steady on any exercise you have planned and build up strength and fitness gradually and you're less likely to pick up an injury. I couldn't believe how much better I felt losing one stone and getting so much more out of my exercise than I was when I started. Good luck and keep us up to date with your progress :-)


I should have gone for a health check years ago but was embarrassed of my weight. Your post reminded me I ought to ring and book an appointment so I will today.

I still need to loose quite a lot started at 17.1 now I am 15.10 ( Monday weigh in ) but I am not getting out of breath so much and feel if I take in my sheets from the past 8 weeks (12 week plan) the nurses can see I am actually doing something about it, that in itself makes me feel better.

Did then practice offer any help to aid you on your journey like monthly weigh in clinics?

Well done on your positive mindset I am sure you will do brilliantly this is a fantastic forum with lots of lovely people who can give you lots of helpful advice.👍😊

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No they didnt discuss my weight at all! I'm off to Boots in a bit to weigh myself as I know my weight but want to know my fat ratio which is probably 90%! 🤔 x


Love your positive mind good luck with the figures👍

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