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3 Months Since My Last Post

So I'm back again! I keep coming back to this forum as it really does seem to work for me, so I'm hoping to hop back on to my weight loss journey.

I've had a few months of excitement with my best friends Hen do, wedding and a new baby Niece and buying my first home! Couple that with two big audits at work and I've kind of been too busy to concentrate on a diet.

Also I suppose I'm feeling fairly comfortable with myself at the moment. Don't get me wrong, there's definitely room for improvement otherwise I wouldn't be back! But I managed to loose 3lbs more and have maintained at 12st4lbs as I am in possession of a healthy diet and lifestyle! ;-)

My next weight goal is 11st as this is just into the healthy weight range for my height which would be excellent. So that's 1st 4lbs to go - I've already lost 2st so surely this will be a doddle...... ;-P

So I eat quite a healthy diet already but the changes I need to make are saying no to the 'treats'... and perhaps making better choices when eating out, like not saying yes if the boyfriend asks me if I want to share some chips!!

When it comes to exercise I'm quite active, playing Netball several times a week and long walks at the weekend. I'm looking to up it though during the rest of the week - I guess I should get back to running as everyone says it's pretty good for weight loss. I need to find some nice running routes at my new house and see how it goes! Anyone else suggest fun ways for high energy exercise? I was thinking of trying squash?!? Any way... I'll log back on in a week and see if i've managed to shift anything!

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I am in a similar place to you, have lost almost 2 1/2 stone but could do with losing anothet, so I've joined the "re-boot" challenge, should be a pinned post 😊 Finding it useful to go back to basics 😊 Had a really good loss my first week


Well done on your weight loss Anna and thank you, I'll check it out!


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