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Still here- Monday hello

Hi Everyone!

I am still here, but today is just flying super quickly. My situation is very similar to last week's: no gain/no loss.

I feel more energized and calmer, happier than last week, but two very interesting things happened during this past 7 days:

I have an incredible craving for vegetables! I do not hate vegetables, I often make stews, currys and soups. But I am craving a lot of salads recently, the nice, couscous blends, acid fueled fresh ones. I am struggling to find enough recipes to fill this appetite.

Secondly: My energy level is incredibly changeable! One day I could move a mountain (like today), the next day it pains me to get out of the bed. What is going on? Is this a lifestyle change thing?

Nothing much else come to me, but wishing everyone happy shrinking!

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I am with you regarding those veggies - I totally crave them too! Another way to enjoy them is mixed in with some rice (I like brown Basmati best), delicious. I don't tend to follow recipes, just bung together things that appeal and hey presto! another delicious meal.

As for your aches and pains, it may be because you are moving around more that you are getting some stiffness in the mornings, but if it persists and you are concerned, then perhaps see your doctor for some advice.

Keep up your good work, you have made great strides with your health and way of life and that is worth celebrating!



Unfortunate choice of words from me: I do not have actual pains, it was more like 'oh it is such a pain to get up this morning...I wish I could stay under the duvet'.

I love rice an vegetables combos too! :)

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Oh, haha! Well that is a relief, I am glad you are not in actual pain. I hear you about wanting to stay under the duvet, LOL!


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