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I'm still here!


Not posted since before Christmas - so a Happy New Year to you all. I was away for Christmas, that and New Year saw an incredible amount of over indulgence. 1st of Jan saw me ko'd by the dreaded lurgy, but happy to say I'm back in the land of the living.

The festive period is a bummer for undoing our good work - but we're only human. I've satisfied my cravings and felt incredibly guilty for undoing all my good work, so I was back on the plan. I had to, I've given all my 'big' clothes to charity, so limited in what to wear. Happy to say most of the weight gain has gone, but more than that, an important lesson has been learnt - stick with it. If you put weight on, you can lose it again. I'll remember this in the years to come if the weight creeps on.

Yesterday was my first gym visit for 4 weeks. I took it easy as only just recovered from a fortnight of feeling poorly, so one set of weights and no cardio. Yikes it hurt, I'm hobbling around like John Wayne today! But I know it's temporary, and tomorrow I'll be up early for my second and last (reduced) session of the week. So for anyone starting out on their fitness regime - it does get better. I was amazed at the level I reached pre-Christmas, but I imagine that a re-set in my exercise regime is much the same as a weight gain, you start over and build new goals.

Good luck to everyone, wherever you are on your journey. We all have the power within us to make the changes for the better, it won't always be easy, but it will be worth it.

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Hi Jane

Welcome back!

I only joined 1st January so I havent heard from you before but it sounds like you used to be quite a "fit-bunny" well I have good news! My other half is a bit of a fitness fanatic and theres a thing called "muscle-memory" whereby even if you have a break- your muscles remember- so whilst its sensible to take it easy to start with - you wont be starting from scratch so to speak and you'll be back into things a lot quicker than someone who hasn't exercised before.

Hope that makes you feel better, the aches are temporary : )

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Not sure my body has muscle memory, more like amnesia!

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I didn't state the "speed" of the recall lol

ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi Jane,

Welcome back, and glad you survived your gym session.

You're sounding positive and determined to go forward this week, and I'm sure you'll have a great week ahead.

Great that you're back again.

Lowcal :-)

Welcome back, and with such a positive attitude too. You're right, we all have the power to make changes for the better, and you're certainly rocking it!

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