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Hello Everyone, I'm still here...

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victoria-anneRestart Nov 2020

Sorry I haven't been around, either to be involved in the groups, or cheer everyone else on, I seem to be really struggling and overwhelmed allot at the moment.

I don't really know what the cause is, but I'm just going with it and waiting for it to pass. I feel sort of lost in regards to moving forward with weight loss, and have totally lost my motivation to do more. do I eat more, do I eat less, how long do I try out lesser calories to know wether it's the right thing to do!

Plus I'm not able to exercise other than walking and cycling ATM as I've damaged my sternum, so I don't feel like I'm proactively trying.

Anyway - this was just meant to be an 'I'm still here! Just quietly watching' post. Hopefully I'll be back to "normal" soon :)

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Sorry to hear you are struggling.it is hard work.instead of looking at the bigger picture give your self little goals.walking is fine.its what i do and just increase where you can.its better than nothing.i find each pound i lose i put a pound in the pot.it helps to buy a treat.hope you feel better soon.

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Morning victoria-anne

Sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. I think we all tend to go through a stage like that. I am at the moment and I wish I could said if you do xyz it will be ok but we are all different. Just keep going and you will get there.

Try to think about why you first started losing weight and what motivated you then! If it's because you need some different meals then take a look at the Daily Diary's to come up with a new planned week to change it about.

Sorry to hear you have damaged your sternum, please take it easy until your well again.

Have a good week and happy to hear that even though your quiet your still about. :)

Hope you feel better soon.


Sorry to hear you are struggling. I know how difficult it can be when you loose motivation and the weightloss isn't going well too. If it's any consolation I do think walking and cycling are both excellent exercise!

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HI hope you are feeling better- with regard to exercise- a lot of weeks I just do walking as long as it's brisk enough that is sufficient- I only do cycling if I'm at Centre Parcs, though I may do a bit of cycling this weekend when I have my friend's son- I'll be hiring one since I don't have a bike- not worth it. Have you plateaued or just lost your motivation? If it is the former the NHS12 week loss plan week 11 covers this and suggest some useful tips to get going again. Hope you find your mojo

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victoria-anneRestart Nov 2020 in reply to RG07

Lost motivation because I can’t seem to loose any more weight! Going to cut down goals into really small sections. I’ll check out those tips though, thanks x

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Sorry to hear you're struggling at the moment. I can empathise as I'm going through a bad patch myself just now. Just remember there's always someone around the forum who will give you a shoulder to cry on. Hope you feel better soon💐

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victoria-anneRestart Nov 2020 in reply to wa2un7

There seems to be allot of us struggling right now - wonder wether there’s something in the air.

Thanks, hope you come out of your rough patch soon too x

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We miss you. Don't give up. We are in the same boat right now and I'm counting on you. I'm here for you if you want to talk. I understand what it feels like to not be losing despite all the efforts. We can do this together!!

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victoria-anneRestart Nov 2020 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Melhall - yes, we’re in the same boat and we’ll both get there. Thanks for paddling along with me :)

I hear you 100% Victoria-anne. You've just described 'me'. Overwhelmed, lost, 5 minutes of thinking it's effortless then 5 minutes of thinking it's all too much effort. Being pulled in all directions. And like you, just riding it out and hoping it won't take too long.

We'll get there. The difference now is that once we probably would have just given up completely, but now we jump back up and carry on as soon as we can manage it :D

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victoria-anneRestart Nov 2020 in reply to kiwikyd-nz

Yes. That’s exactly how it is! A see saw if I can do this, and why do I even bother.

Yup, we’ll keep holding on till the seesaw stops :)

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Victoria-Anne I have been here. I found it so frustrating. I kept changing the amount of calories to no avail. I felt like giving in and walking away. Eventually I realised that wasn't what I wanted to do at all, so learnt to accept the weight comes off slowly, dropped my calories by around 50 and went back to having 2 days a week where I can eat up to 150 more if I want to.

Try and make your meals more interesting, look out some new recipies. I got in a rut.

I am unable to exercise at the moment, I have damaged something at the back of my knee. I am still walking as much as I can though and just having to accept that's the way it is at the moment.

The most important thing is you are still here and still trying. It is overwhelming, try just going back to the beginning and do the basics and don't think too deeply into it all. You will no doubt notice that the foods you choose to eat now are very different to the Ines you started out on.

I stopped getting so involved with the forum and then decided that wasn't the way to go at all, so got more involved instead. That might also help you.

I'm wishing you good luck and know you can turn this around 😊

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victoria-anneRestart Nov 2020 in reply to lucigret

Yes, really trying to stay involved but my head isfinding it really hard to be social at the moment.

I am a bit bored of my food I guess so I’ll try look at the diary - but because I have weird food allergies I can’t eat most of the things!!

I’m still going, trying to let it be ok too, if I need to be a bit easier on myself for a while.

I hope your knee clears up soon xx

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lucigretAdministrator in reply to victoria-anne

We all go through spells like this I think Victoria. It can be hard to be sociable sometimes.

I forgot you have all these allergies. I suffer from IBS and for years had to be really careful with what I ate, there were lots of combinations that wouldn't work. My daughter has a lactose intolerance and finds it hard sometimes, so I can sympathise.

Just do what you can and remember we are here if you want us.

Sending a hug :) 💐

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Ceals3 stone

Great that you are still here VA, you will get back to it. I think keeping in touch is a great idea.

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Just checking in with you. How are you doing today? I lost another pound as of yesterday so that's 5 pounds in two weeks. Hopefully my weight is back in control after hitting starvation mode. How is your weight loss going? You don't have much left to lose do you? Wishing you the best!!

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victoria-anneRestart Nov 2020 in reply to Hidden

Hey Melhall, thanks for checking in on me! It is good to hear from you :) Wow, that is so great, well done! Yes, I hope so too! Well, my scales are saying I am 62kg, which means I'm finally out of the 63's but, I dunno - I certainly am not holding my breath!

No, I only have maybe 2 or 3 kilo's till I think I will feel ok/satisfied. I have stopped calorie counting, as I think it was making me so stressed and obsessive, that I wasn't eating well because it was difficult to know exactly how many calories. I am taking it much easier, and giving myself a break. It seems to have worked, I guess!

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IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to victoria-anne

That’s good to hear victoria-anne 😊 I’m glad you are feeling more positive and the scales are still moving, well done 😊

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Sounds like you are doing better. Glad to hear that. Don't let it stress you out. I have pretty much obsessed over it since my plautea. I am quite a bit overweight and it is distressing to be trying so hard only to lose very little. One pound a week would do at this point. Take care.

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victoria-anneRestart Nov 2020 in reply to Hidden

Yes, that's what made me feel so down too. I just wanted *any* loss! I still don't know how it will pan out in weeks to come, but I feel so much better now I have made myself stop obsessing over it. I guess our bodies react to our mental space too.

Hello well it’s great you are on here I think it helps knowing we are all in it together you’ve made the start that’s the important bit 😀

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