C25k what a start well done

Day two of challenge just going from strength to strength well done everyone today. Do notice a few today talking about aches and pains. I know it can hurt the worst pain I have had lately was digging in the garden it's just useing muscle you haven't for a long time. You will get use to it in no time just take it nice and slow enjoy yourself. Treat yourself at the end of week one with a non food reward (lidl is selling sports wear next week) as for stretching if it works for you then do it me I have never done it. I'm not saying don't it's up to you keep warm good luck Gareth


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11 Replies

  • I shall stop whinging and woman up, Gareth! As long as this is normal, I'm fine with it! :)

    Thanks for your support and patience :)

  • Hi Gareth,

    Thanks for the suggestions and also the encouragement, it's been enjoyable so far!

    Just pinned this new post, and here is the link to the last one for people to find easily to read the posts today:


    Lowcal :-)

  • This is very encouraging, I can honestly say I wouldn't have started it yet if it hadn't been for Gareth initiating this and knowing lots of others are joining in. I want to go out again tomorrow! ;-)

  • Snap Jem :)

  • Woohoo!!!

  • OMG we're doing this! :D

  • Ploddingly, in the shadows but YES lol!

  • Give us 9 weeks and we'll be zooming around, in neon clothing, in the middle of the day! :D

  • Fantastic - go Team Gareth😎

  • I only just managed run 2 today. But if it wasn't for this group I may not have gone at all, so thanks Gareth for keeping me on track!!

    For the record, I stretch after each run, when I get home. I didn't after the very first run I did and was in agony for days after 😣 I guess it's really down to the individual, but I don't want to risk that again 😂

    Run 3 for me will either be tomorrow or Saturday but would like to get back on track with everyone else so will probably go tomorrow after work

    Happy running 🏃🏼🙋🏼 xx

  • Woohoo MissOTT, wtg you! :)

    The group dynamic is brilliant and really helps to keep you focused and keen.

    I hope your 3rd run goes well, I shall look forward to seeing your update :)

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