Saturday - I will report tomorrow but here's my plan !!!

So my plan is

- restrict drink to only slight blur in one eye (left eye best as I know I'm in trouble when it's a right eye session )

- eat seafood, pasta and salad ( no breads or spuds) and not so I am "full as an egg" level

- remember most of the evening ( at least 40%)

- not call/text old friends with "I miss you" messages ( 100% needed on this one)

- try to leave the late night snacks alone if I return worse for wear ( double eye blur, memory loss level of alcohol or the "just a cognac snifter before bed " )

My guess is about 50% level of success

Taking bets now !



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8 Replies

  • Hi Alastair,

    Wishing you success with your plan, and will look forward to reading your update post tomorrow. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • lol! a sense of humour does help!

  • It's so important isn't it - otherwise what's it all about - I really enjoy writing on here it's great to vent it out the failings or the successes

  • I've done really well recently by cutting back on carbs. Been really in-hungry and showed much better losses than usual. So this could well be a plan. As long as you remember alcohol is a bit carby!

  • Lol alcohol is abit so I always try to mop it up with a portion of chips - I have tried the carb thing I think I am a bit ott though as I can't seem to reduce a bit I have to go full on prob while I end up trying different diets

  • LOL!

  • Look forward to hearing your results and good luck!

  • You are so funny...could hardly read your post was laughing so much.

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