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Lock down will not effect my plan

Fzrhunter1 stone

This is a motivational message for me but if it helps anyone else then that's great. The original and subsequent lock downs are the reason I put o. Over 3 stone in 9 months. Well this one will be the reason I will lose 3 stone. Time to dig heels in and stick to the plan. I must not take my eye off the prize. Additionally today is another beautiful day and life is for living.

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We have had a fair bit of practice at locking down haven't we! You know what to expect. Well done for changing your mind set and good look with your weight loss journey :)

How wonderful that we both posted similar things at the same time! I completely agree with you and know you can do it. Do you know what you'll do differently this time round? :)


looks like there could be some mutual support here between you and Greendream123 😁


I actually started my weight lose again after first lockdown so will use it to get the 2 kg I’ve gained through December. Eating healthy and walking is my key plan and daily ab exercises.

Well done on the positive thinking and determination to lose that weight. Like you I have decided that this time round its a loss not a gain. Focusing on losing weight and projects to finish and doing some exercise too. Gee almost feels like I am really busy with no time for other things:D

lea57-49r2st 7lbs

I totally agree with you. I too put on weight during the first lockdown. I’m determined that won’t happen this time. Life is too short to waste time eating for comfort. Life is indeed for living. Best wishes.

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