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Oh Poop....better than nothing though :)

I weighed in on a Saturday and started on a Sunday - so really I have cut myself short a day - but in the grand scheme of thing I am not sure I'd loose 5llbs today like I'd want too!

Still week one done - 1lb lost and .5" from my chest measurement

So not awful, but of course nowhere near what I was after (double or triple that would have been nice) BUT if after 12 weeks I have lost 12llbs and 6"inches total then that'll be a nice feeling.

I've had a couple of unexpected events this week and planning went a bit wobbly but stayed within my calorie limit, even have my husband doing HIIT training with me twice a week so he can really tell how much physical effort I am putting in.

Hopefully, next week I will get what I feel a more justified loss - but if not - I'll keep on going.

Have a good weekend ladies and gentlemen, enjoy a little of everything and a lot of the stuff we know we should do/have more off!!!


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Definately better than nothing! Well done!


Hi forthe100thtime. Your weight can fluctuate so much between day to day so you may well lose a bit more by tomorrow (although I guess 5lbs is pushing it!) Well done for losing a pound anyway. Good to hear you stayed within your calorie amount and got some exercise in. I am sure you will continue you lose at a steady rate and see greater losses soon. Keep at it :)


Very well done.I think now we are eating healthier it's about been healthy inside too ie Chloesteral levels etc.Very well done

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Great to have lost one, going in the right direction! Well done.

The result of on the scales normally lags one week after the activity for me. So when I have a really good week for food and exercise I don't see the scales go down til the following week. You may well be the same.

Keep going! 😊

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My weight varies A LOT and my losses can be 1/2 lb, 1 lb, then 3 all at once etc . . . Just think long term  😊 I plot monthly trends 😊 Good luck! 

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