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Hello everyone,

I am new on here but not to trying to loose weight, yo yo for the last 15 years and am now at my heaviest, feeling terribly depressed, sore everywhere, and totally drained.  I am here though, today is my first day and I am trying to be positive.

I need to do this, and I need to do this now!

So I am hoping with a little help from like minded people I will, we will be able to do this.

I have little or no support at home, as no one else has a weight problem, but lots of family telling me I need to loose weight...like I don't already know this!!!

Anyway, Hi and I hope this final attempt will work for me.

Thanks for listening :)

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I am new here too 

You sound motivated and I think this is key. I am sure you will do this. 

I look forward to hearing about your journey. We can do this together!!! 👊🏽


Hi angel4031,

I am motivated now, just need to get this done!  Yes would love to follow how you are doing and yes I hope we can do this together.  i think having a buddy or buddies is important as then I wont feel like I am doing this alone :)

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"Just need to get this done" sounds like you're looking for a diet or a quick fix. And we all know there is no such thing. We have to change our life styles. There is loads of information on this forum that will help you and we're a very supportive lot - all in the same boat!  Good luck, you're not doing this alone👍

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