12 week plan works....and onwards

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to all of the forum who post each week and all the encouragement and motivation that comes from you. Just completed the first of my 12 week plans, onto next now. I was back in school collecting my son yesterday, after 4 weeks away and was so happy, I saw a Mum I hadn't seen in a while she came up with a huge smile and 'amazement' on her face ''wow, what have you been doing , you look amazing and like you are 18?'' As I am 51 I wondered if I was wearing clothes 'too young'' for me but she reassured me it was all good and was genuinely impressed. That has really spurned me on to lose the next stone now! ::) :)



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5 Replies

  • Well done, I'm so pleased for you. I know what you mean about this forum, it's brilliant isn't it. People who understand how you feel all the time, sometimes pleased, sometimes a bit deflated but someone always has the right thing to say to pick you up and keep you going.

    Thanks again everyone and well done Suzymac, so proud of you.

  • Thanks Cockneyblue and good luck to you too. :)

  • Well done suzymac! It's great when someone notices your weight loss! 

    I had a parcel delivered yesterday and the delivery lady said I looked great and how well I looked! I've known her for years but hadn't seen her for a couple of months! 

    She made my day! Onwards and downwards for us all! 😁😇

  • Great story 😊 Very happy for you 😊 Well done 

  • Such a lovely feeling when all your efforts pay off 😀 I had a compliment yesterday as well and was so chuffed.

    Love this forum, if we spread some happiness as well as good advice, hints and tips we WILL ALL ACHIEVE OUR GOALS!

    Well done on you reaching yours !!!

    Claire x 

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