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Post-12 week diet plan - thoughts


The first thing that entered my mind this morning when I started thinking about the 12 week plan was that somehow I had opened the gates of wrath when I joined!

We went through the emotional rollercoaster of a friend's marriage break-up and her subsequent return to a bad bad situation; my youngest son who endured four years of terrible health problems and whom we thought was pulling away from all of that, ended up in hospital again. My elderly mother-in-law suffered a serious melt-down in her health and we had to prepare our two sons for the fact that she might not survive and then my eldest son reluctantly ended a three year long relationship with predictable emotional fall out from both of them.

Through all of this I tried to stick with my diet - some weeks were good and others disastrous and some plain boring. I stayed on track with my running, apart from two weeks when I just could not get myself out of the door to go exercising.

I found support in the group postings, and support from my friends and realised there is always something positive if you look hard enough: my son's hospitalisation was a random thing and not related to his previous health problems, and my mother-in-law's consultant found a way of tweaking her medication that somehow gave her a boost. I am firmly in weight-reduction mode and although I lost only 8 pounds and not what I had hoped for I have a target to aim for: my son's graduation next year and I plan to hit my target weight. I also plan to run my one and only half-marathon next March and that will be my gift to myself.

As a person, it is important for me to have goals to aim for, and it took me a long time to realise I need to make those goals achievable and to have the patience to work towards them. I find 'bribing' myself works superbly well :), nothing like a new bit of running kit, or something pretty to wear. Currently I have two pencil skirts waiting in my wardrobe for goal weight. The other items of 'goal' clothing I bought when I first started losing weight two years ago are now too big and a reminder of how far I have come. And I never want to go back where I came from either.


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Hi mietjie.

Well done, if for nothing else then just for sticking with riding the weight loss bus through thick and thin.

Good luck with your ongoing journey.

And, hey, whatever wieght loss you did, or didn't, manage, the fact is that you DID the 12 week plan.

And, furthermore, over the 12 weeks, you not only achieved some weight loss, you bucked the trend of putting on more weight - which is what generally happens to overweight people.

Those are both significant achievements. Well done.


I can't help wondering if I am at target, will I run any faster :), pure speculation but one can but hope!

Seriously though, I suspect what I went through is just a snapshot of what is happening to some greater or lesser degree the world over to any given person - life happens. I am determined to lose this weight -it went on slow and it is going to come off slow, never to return. That I am feeling very strongly about.

There's a lot of common sense guidance in the plan, and writing up my goals initially proved to be a good anchor point for motivation. It has taken me a long time to get to know myself and my foibles!


suzybenj1 stone you say life happens - just sometimes the cards we are dealt, don't seem fair, when others seem to have charmed lives. As someone who has more than my (un)fair share of character building challenges- it can sometimes grind you down - but what i admire in you is that you kept hold of 'you' in all this and didn't let it take over and distract you from your goal. So well done and a very big pat on the back.

I am on the weight loss bus - and have just re- started running. A few years ago I did a couple of half marathons - they were not great times - but boy did they feel like an achievement - and definitely hold my head up as a proud time. Right now- I am two stone heavier and doing the C25k - doing baby runs - but that feels ok and better than the zilch i have done in two and half years.

So keep your perspective and focus and i am sure you will achieve what you hope for - pencil skirts eh - Go Girl ;-)


oh, very sexy pencil skirts too: a black lace one and one with wonderful black embroidered overlay on black background <<<grin>>>

I don't aim for any completion time on the half marathon - I just want to finish one even if I crawl over the finish line.

I am impressed with your achievements, a couple of half-marathons, amazing. The C25K programme is mind-blowing and the day I finally went out and did run one of week one I came home and burst into tears, I just could not believe that I actually did that. Finishing the programme gave me an immense confidence boost.

i wish you all the best in your renewed running career. Where are you in the C25K?


Beautiful blog, so human and full of hope. I guess, that's life, it doesn't wait for us, things happen along the way and we have to remain strong.

And I think that 8 pounds is a great result.

The change and your determination are truly important. Thank you for sharing...


and thank you for your kind response, lovely to read

Hi mietjie, well done! not only have you lost over half a stone but you are fitter and stronger. With your determination you will achieve your goals. Best wishes to you and your family.


Thank you Newpie, I am as always amazed at the kindness and the support from others on the forum. It is like that unexpected compliment you get sometimes and you glow for the rest of the day because of it, - that is how I feel about posts from others here it makes me smile and it makes me happy.

Today I must admit I feel rubbish physically - had a rubbish run last night, equally rubbish sleep and the sore throat that has kicked in explains it all. Onwards and upwards! I am heading for a lovely hot coffee and surely the day will improve.

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