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Loosing weight

I'm useless with computers, but if this message gets out, I am loosing weight but I have ataxia(balance condition which makes exercising difficult) but it's the time it takes that is hard, and thinking it as a 'diet' for a length of time and then when the time is up, going back to eating crap! How do I get in the frame set of healthy eating for ever? I am on week 10 by the way.

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Hi Sooooooooooo,

Your message has successfully got out, and been received safely!  :-)

Really good that you're on Week 10 of the NHS 12 week plan, and I hope you've been enjoying it so far.  It's great to hear you're losing weight too, that is really good.  I know you have a balance problem which makes exercising difficult, but I hope you've been able to find some things that you can do and enjoy.  Do you like walking for example, and can you cope ok with that?

Personally I don't think of the NHS 12 week plan as a 'diet' - as it is more like a lifestyle plan, and I've been following the principles for more than 3 years now, and it's really helped me to keep the weight off that I've lost - I'm still trying to lose the remaining few pounds to get to my goal weight, but I've been in the healthy BMI for about a year and a half now.  I still use the NHS 12 week plan principles, and they have really helped.

I think it's great that you've posted a post here - especially as you feel you aren't all that au fait with computers - but hopefully you might feel confident to post more often and interact with posts, as it is really helpful to talk to others who are alongside you on their own weight loss journeys.  That's the really great thing about the forum - it is a friendly and really supportive community.

Hope you have a great week.

Lowcal :-)



I think we all have that worry, about keeping in the right frame of mind forever ! I am also on week 10 and I think I just have to forget all of the things that became habits, over years really, and learn new habits going forward. Yes, I can have a glass of wine or two, (not a bottle or two), yes I can have one biscuit, (not half a pack of chocolate digestives), and so on. Good luck on your continued weight loss - John :-)


Thanks for your good words. I had just read how well you had done, keep it up ! I hope over time I will get out of bad habits and as you say, 1 or 2 glasses of wine not the whole bottle! I will carry on the fight!!

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