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On Friday I went to the gym has I entered my trainer was leaving gave to 3 weight exercises to add to my routine. Great greeting.

When I got home she had left me a message on Twitter she had a class on leg, bums and tums was only 30min class perfect for me and she had booked me a place.  I reminded her that morning had done 70min cardo weight session, I will be fine she said.   Turned out to be 45min hard session.

Yeserday top of legs sore, bum and tum felt the workout.  Today ouch is not the word my thighs are so sore, hubby is laughing at me.  Yes booked next Friday class and only doing a 45min morning session.   

What is it no pain no gain, well this best be right.  😀😀


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HI Wendy,

Wow, your trainer sounds quite a task-mistress, and is certainly putting you through your paces!  Hope your aching limbs will recover soon.  I'm having a complete rest from all exercise today, as I felt my muscles were a bit sore yesterday, so I am enjoying a break today!  

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Lol agree especially when it seems to work out a a weight gain with pain for me ;)

I really need to get fit along with lose weight so it has to happen.


Even I feel tired just reading that! 

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Phew no wonder you feeling it today! Burning lots of fat though. Good luck for Friday's class.


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