Good podcast and the nhs fitness studio?

I thought I'd recommend a podcast (on the off chance anyone else here listens to them) as I listened to the latest episode over the weekend and found it really helpful and reassuring.

It's Food for Fitness and the episode I really liked is here - it had lots of sensible suggestions about changing eating habits which was nicely reassuring as I'd been looking at my food diary and despairing a bit.

Also has anyone tried any of the NHS FItness studio videos? I tried one and found it incredibly difficult despite being labelled for beginners and was wondering if anyone else had tried any of the videos and if so had any recommendations ?


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  • Like podcasts so will look out for that! And thank you!! I found the videos really tough too!! Going to look at the Pilates tonight but the so called beginners yoga was definitely not for me!! Luckily I have a lovely friend has worked out a programme for me 😊

  • Just listened to it!! Very good, intelligent, sensible and positive 😊 Thank you

    Highly recommend!

  • Glad you liked it :-) also glad I'm not the only one who found the fitness studio videos hard!

  • He just talks such sense, one thing at a time, simple changes, no 'magic' diet, healthy portions 😊 And just so positive, not patronising!!!

  • Found this great to listen to.

    Thanks for sharing!

    You mentioned the workouts were a bit hard. What about trying hasfit on u tube.

    Look for begginer strength training and begginer cardo.

  • Thanks - I'll give it a look :-) I'm doing couch to 5k so really wanted something less cardio based so beginner strength would be good

  • Hi telute,

    I'm toying with trying the couch to 5k - how are you finding this? I do the Les Mills 'body balance' class at the sports centre which is pilates/yoga based. I look like 'ten tonne Tessie', but after a few weeks I'm enjoying the class albeit I can't stand on one leg for very long. :-) It is difficult and certainly works the muscles, but it's interesting to watch those lycre clad ladies of lesser sizes over balancing or struggling on certain poses just like me:-D

    It's great to find that you can practice some of these moves discreetly at home (it's cheaper too!!)

  • I'm up to week three and finding it okay so far - it builds up quite slowly so it all feels doable and there's a forum for it here so you can commiserate/ask for help if you get stuck. I will say I'm really slow but I figure better slow and getting through it than fast and having to stop.

  • Thanks for that, just need to pluck up the courage to start.... :-)

  • Go for it! :-)

  • Anything you can add that motivates you and doesn't cost is a bonus. ☺

    Just listening to another podcast now.

    Thanks again!!

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