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So far so good. Just one question?

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So I started counting calories on Sunday and I’m trying to stick to under 1400 per day as per the NHS website. So far I have managed this. I’ve been making evening meals from the Easy Meals link which are all calorie counted, so that makes it a lot easier. I like to cook from scratch in the evening, so I think if my meals aren’t calorie counted for me, it’ll be a lot of faff and I’ll get fed up with trying to do it. Can anyone recommend a cook book or website of calorie counted meals? Nothing fancy, just straightforward, healthy food that’s calorie counted for me. Thanks all 😃

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1400 calories is a generic amount, unsuitable for most women. You'd be better putting your details into the NHS BMI calculator for a calorie range that's correct for you

You can find calorie counted recipes in Topics and if you type calorie counted recipes into your search engine, you'll find dozens.

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ChiChiFrank in reply to moreless

Thanks. I’ll give that a go and check my calorie requirements as you suggest.

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siggie1st 7lbs

I use My Fitness Pal, type in the ingredients and it gives you the calories. You can create your own recipes too. I use Slimming World cookbooks ( I have a lot from when I used to do the plan) and I input the ingredients in and it gives me calories per person. Make sure you weigh everything too in order to be accurate. Good luck 👍

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ChiChiFrank in reply to siggie

Thanks. I will try that

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Greendream123Restart January 2022

I agree with the previous comments, I used to use the FitBit app to input foods (took ages) and lost a fair bit a weight in 5 weeks counting calories (1400 a day) 2 years ago but sadly this type of eating wasn't sustainable for me and I gained it back. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do well :)

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I've just been looking at website. Hundreds of recipes in categories and with a good search mechanism and every one calories counted for you. They also produce quite a few books if you prefer a proper cookbook. Everyday Light is one I've read. Though calorie counting is not my thing I still like to look for ideas.

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ChiChiFrank in reply to slipstick

Thanks for the info. I’ve checked out the website and it’s exactly what I’m after. I’ve just ordered their latest cookbook as well.

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slipstickMaintainer in reply to ChiChiFrank

I do like a few of their "Fakeaways". So that's you sorted then. Now I just need to get my own act together!!

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I can thoroughly recommend the Hairy Bikers Hairy Dieters range of cook books. All calorie counted for you, all easy to cook, no weird ingredients, lots of family favourites and “fake aways” for Saturday nights. I lost weight calorie counting over a year using these cook books. Nowadays I maintain with low carb eating, but I still use the Hairy Bikers recipes regularly and adapt them for low carb. Good luck!

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ChiChiFrank in reply to Trimmerteacher

Thank you. I’ll take a look. Nice to hear you lost weight calorie counting

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