Fab 5'ers Monday Group Weigh-in Thread: Did you have/are you having any difficulty accessing the Afternoon/Evening thread on 14th March 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm writing on behalf of the Fab 5'ers (myself, Prin, Suzybenj, Ruth_Canal_Runner and Moreless) to ask if any of you have had difficulties/are having difficulties accessing or using the Monday group weigh-in Afternoon/Evening thread today - the date is 14th March 2016? We did have some glitches this morning, but the Tech department kindly did a quick fix which appeared to work well. However, we have noticed that the Afternoon/Evening session thread seems to be quite slow for some people, and that there aren’t quite as many people popping by – we realise this could be because you’re all out there enjoying the sunshine (hope so!) or beavering away at work, and that you may be coming by later, but we just wanted to check regarding the technical aspects, just to check that all is ok with the technical side of things.

If you have noticed any issues with this Afternoon/Evening's thread, could you please:

a) click 'Like' next to this post - if you had any difficulties.

b) Please add a comment regarding what kind of difficulty you had.

Your feedback would be much appreciated. I will acknowledge when I've read your feedback by clicking 'like' next to your post, but I won't reply individually - we can collate the responses clearer that way - many thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. I will pass on the feedback to the Tech/IT department, as necessary.

Many thanks,

Lowcal (on behalf of the Fab 5'ers)


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6 Replies

  • The problems we had this morning, were indeed very quickly rectified by the tech team, but the threads have been really sluggish this afternoon, even the afternoon thread, which was nowhere near as busy as usual. Everything is just much slower than usual and it doesn't seem to like posting replies. Patience is obviously a virtue that I don't possess ;)

  • Hi. I had problem posting in the morning when I came on to submit my weight. I couldn't access the site during my lunch break but I thought it might be that I am not getting the signal properly. Now reading this post however, has made me realise that this was probably due to this glitch. Good to be able to access it again though. ☺

  • I didn't have any difficulties. I was just very busy working. But happy to say I lost a kilogram. Thank you so much for the support.

  • Hi Alejandra,

    Congratulations - just to let you know I've copied and pasted your reply to the Monday group session thread, and I wished you Congratulations on your great result. That way your 1kg stats will be included in our weekly stats.

    Great result.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I only just tried. Late entry and I stayed the same. Haven't done measurements. Feel okay but have been more inclined to think about food.it's because I am tired and the kids are not well. It just upsets the all cart. The thread has a geek locked sign across the top. I have to log in.

  • Hi HappyMary,

    Thank you, I've copied and pasted your entry for the Monday group weigh-in session so your stats will be included. I also responded to you there, but essentially said that I hope your children feel better soon, and sorry to hear you're tired as a result - and that I think you've done well to maintain your weight - a maintain is much better than a gain.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

    I'm going to leave this thread a bit longer incase any other people report difficulties, so that we can then feedback to the IT/Tech people accordingly.

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