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Fab 5'ers Monday Group Weigh-in Thread - Did you have any difficulty accessing the thread on Monday?

ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi everyone,

I'm writing on behalf of the Fab 5'ers (myself, Prin, Suzybenj, Ruth_Canal_Runner and Moreless) to ask if any of you had difficulties accessing or using the Monday group weigh-in thread this week? If you did, could you please:

a) click 'Like' next to this post - if you had any difficulties.

b) Please add a comment regarding what kind of difficulty you had.

The IT department are aware that a few people have had difficulties and are hoping to help us by fixing those issues.

But in the meantime, we just wanted to get an idea of how many of you this affected on Monday 11th January, or indeed on any previous Monday thread (all feedback gratefully received).

Your feedback would be much appreciated. I will acknowledge when I've read your feedback by clicking 'like' next to your post, but I won't reply individually - we can collate the responses clearer that way - many thanks for taking the time to provide feedback.

Many thanks,

Lowcal (on behalf of the Fab 5'ers) :-)

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sueper5 stone

Hi Lowcal I found the thread a bit sticky which it often is and I couldn't comment on others posts :(

I assume it is just volume of traffic - it is so popular (to your credit).

DianaMaintainer in reply to sueper

Me too, couldn't acces the site last week, hardly stand all


Hi Lowcal, although you know the problems I had/have, I thought I'd list them to see if anyone else is experiencing the same glitches :)

Everything works perfectly in the morning.

By midday, it starts to get slower, so slow, that I type my reply, then sit back and watch each and every letter appear on the screen. If I get a notification in the middle of the reply, I lose my cursor and the memory of the script. The time it takes to return gets longer and longer, until I'm no longer able to reply.

Sometimes the like button won't work.

Sometimes the reply button doesn't work.

Sometimes, there's a huge delay after replying before the message can be seen on the screen and I even have to go to the news feed to check if it's worked.

The follow button doesn't work.

Trying to return to a notification is very hit and miss and there's a delay with notifications.

I think that's all, but if I think of anything else, I'll add it :)

I think it's important to comment if you've had problems at times other than this Monday :)

sueper5 stone in reply to moreless

I have the delayed typing thing too - occasionally happens on other threads too.

Fitforit75 in reply to moreless

Same, and quite often on my mobile phone I have to just give up.. Need an android app! :)

skinnylizzie2 stone in reply to moreless

I had same problems

It was OK early on, but later in the evening, it was slow and clunky and my pressing of "like" buttons was ineffectual. It happens every week, to be honest.

Thanks to all the fab 5ers for making such huge efforts to reply to everyone, even when it was proving difficult!

morelessAdministrator in reply to LessToLose

Hi LtL,

Have you experienced any similar behaviour on Lizzy's thread?

LessToLose in reply to moreless

I may have done, I can't remember! I will try it out once it gets fuller later this evening and report back.

morelessAdministrator in reply to LessToLose

Thanks :)

LessToLose in reply to moreless

I just tested the 80 days thread and it seems OK at the moment, maybe a tad slow, but not enough to cause difficulties.

Maybe it is the volume of people all accessing the same thread on Mondays that is the problem?

morelessAdministrator in reply to LessToLose

Oh, I'm quite convinced it's the volume that's causing the problems. The challenge thread isn't as bad, but if we were to double the number of travellers, we'd be in the same boat.

Thanks for testing it :)

Hi Lowcal

Yesterday was my first weigh-in and I was trying to add my comment at about half 8ish. It took over half an hour before I was able to write a comment and get it up on the thread as every time I pressed the submit button it needed to reload the page and my comment was lost. It was the same when I was trying to comment on other people's posts.

I hope that you are able to get this sorted!


morelessAdministrator in reply to Trying2BHealthy

Fingers crossed :)


Horrendously to load

Just so very slow. Can't write what I want to say as it just takes an age. Left the group for a month over Xmas as too busy to hang around waiting for my posts to register. I really needed the support at that time but it just wasn't happening. Struggling a lot recently with this which is totally frustrating.

I agree with Sueper. I found it a bit sticky.

Same problems as Moreless, by the time I add my reply it is very slow, reloads, type appears very slowly and as it gets later and there are more and more posts added, it loads extremely slowly. You have to wait for some time after pressing the 'submit' or 'like' button before anything happens and sometimes need to go to the news feed page to see if it worked.

The post is very popular and as the amount of replies increases it slows the page down. Web page has trouble coping with the volume I guess.

I had no problems but I was a morning poster.

Not too bad for me but replies seem to take ages to load and I can't always find the post to start with. This also happens with the round the world posts. I've compensated by always keeping the previous post handy and posting to that one. Hope that's OK? Love posting to these two threads though so hope you can fix the glitches 😀😀

Hi I wanted to tell u all I lost 3 yesterday and also started wk 2 of c25k!! But every time I hit reply to the thread it just froze :(

ZestHealthy SBMI in reply to mummybrummy

Hi Mummybrummy,

I'll copy and paste your result to the thread now, so you are included. Sorry you couldn't add that. Very frustrating I know.

We do hope to work out a temporary solution for next week, but we'll wait for everyone to feedback and then I'll be posting towards the end of the week to let you know about that.

Lowcal :-)

p.s. I've added your results and would also like to say 'Congratulations on losing 3 pounds and starting week 2 of the C25K' - Ruth will include your stats, so you're included in the thread for 11th January.

mummybrummy in reply to Zest

Thank you !

I definitely found it tricky, thought I had submitted - but no!

Tried several times in the day, each message getting shorter :) eventually I ended up posting twice.

Very very slow to load. Follow button a waste of time

Tinkle72Restart Feb 2020

Everything was very slow and took ages to type up my reply. Want to reply to comments but it took ages so ended up liking comments to motivate others. Guess its the number of members on the thread now!


I have to say it's difficult for the site to load, and often post and reply, very annoying


Hiya - I find that when I log in to the thread early in the day (ie by 8am) it's all A1, but if I don't log in until the afternoon or evening (ie it's already really long) then it is VERY slow. Now I'm used to it, I just leave it some time to pull in the thread and then type my message. Each character comes up in time delay mode - may be a letter every 3 seconds. I now get round this by typing my message in Word and then cutting and pasting it in one go - which works fine and is much quicker.

This forum is so useful to many of us - and I think that if you were new and not aware of the Monday thread-length problem it might put you off persisting with the forum. My work rounds make it OK for me, but it's not ideal.

Hope that helps and grateful thanks to those who are working to try and rectify this!

last couple of weeks I had the slow typing thing and slow to load , (this week i was late posting on tuesday so uncertain if it was as slow)

ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for taking the time to respond to this post.

Very pleased to see your feedback, it is both helpful and much appreciated. I will be posting a further update post on Friday, just to explain our plans for making the Monday group weigh-in thread hopefully run more smoothly. It will be an interim measure till the IT people can hopefully help us.

We are keen that the Monday group weigh-in thread will continue to be as positive an experience as we can make it for people, so please look out for my update post on Friday - explaining what we'll be doing.

Don't worry if you happen to miss it, as I'll also be explaining in the intro to the actual Monday thread too, which I'll be posting as usual, just before 7am on Monday 18th January 2016, and it will have the title "Please Join Us for a Monday Group Weigh-in (18th January 2016)".

In the meantime, if anyone has any further comments to make - and you haven't yet made them, then please add to this thread.

I'm going to sleep now, so wishing everyone a good night!

Lowcal :-)

Last week was my first week accessing your thread and I almost gave up if I am honest. I just left it loading and went and had a brew and when I came back to it 20 minutes later it had all loaded. It was very hard to type though as it kept sticking.

This week wasn't as bad as I came to the thread earlier in the day - before it got too large I suppose. I'll be back next week. I love how motivational you are to people.

Typing in the morning was very slow and the letters took ages to appear.

Gonti10 kg

Dear IT department

I use an iPad. I can usually post in the morning ok. In the evening after work I often want to read all the posts but the pages keep reloading. I also can't always find and acknowledge the responses to my own morning posts.

It is a valuable thread and deserves the support needed to flourish.m

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