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Hi I am sue and new to the site. I have been heal by eating since Jan 15 and lost 3 and half stone. Still 3 stone to lose to get into 25 BMI. Will see how I feel after 2 stone

I was border line diabetic now in the normal range, but am on a statin to control cholesterol which has come down from 6.8 to 3.7. I am hoping to get additional motivation from this site.

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Wow, you have done really well over the last year! Well done for sticking with it and you sound like you are well motivated to see your health improve. You should find some useful encouragement from your fellow healthy eaters on this site.


Hi and welcome Sue :)

Congratulations on your achievements to date, that's amazing :)

This is a link to our newbie pack


The current thread for the Around the World challenge is


I really hope you'll join us for the monday group weigh-in tomorrow.

Here's to the second half of your journey :)


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