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66 and need a buddy to keep me on track

Hi I am 66 years old and have been told by my GP that I have got to loose weight. I am 15 stones. I have arthritis in my feet and find walking long distances painful.

I look in the mirror and think ah!!!!!!

Joined Weight Watchers and was disappointed as I didn,t seem to get into it.

Does any one want to join me in my task ????

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This is a very friendly board. Everyone will cheer you on.

Lowcal runs a weigh in thread on Mondays. You can join our round the world trip. Use the forum as your focus and join in.


Hi Jackieeb,

Welcome. Aqua_Marine has mentioned the Monday group weigh-in, and you'd be very welcome to join us if you fancy it - it's a large group of very enthusiastic people, and you'd be very welcome to join us.

Moreless (a lovely member of this community) has put together a 'Welcome Newbie' pack, so I'm just giving you the link to that, as it summarises a lot of the things that many of us appreciate about the forum:


Hope to see you around and about in the forum, and wishing you lots of success with your weight loss goals.

Lowcal :-)


Hi, I too allowed things to slip and hit 15st 6lb of which I have now lost 4lbs - it is a long road ahead but we took a few years to get to this weight; I imagine it will come off quicker than it went on.

I am on my feet a lot in my work and have found wearing Crocs has got rid of my heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and which are very light to wear. Not the most attractive shoe but definitely helpful.

Good luck with your healthy eating!

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Hi I am retired now, although I do help my daughter with her hotel. I am hoping to be a lot more active in the summer, when the weather is better, although I have bad feet and arthritis.



Hi, I would be happy to buddy up with you for morale support. I started on the NHs plan 2 days and weighed in at 15 stone. Let's keep in touch.


Hi determined, I seem to be careful what I eat but nothing seems to make a difference. I have got arthritis and bad feet so it is hard to walk for miles, although I am active. It would be nice to support one another.


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