Weekly updates from forum organisers

Hello, firstly I'd like to thank Lowcal et al for running the forum, doing the weigh ins etc,

I wonder if it would be possible for you to show all the updates in one place - conscious some may not want that - but a synopsis of everyone's progress to date (+ or-) would be motivational for me - it would help provide some comparisons and, personally anyway, spur me on.

Just a thought.


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6 Replies

  • Hi ColBee,

    Just to clarify that I'm not part of the 'forum organisers' - purely someone who has decided to take an active part in posting a regular weigh-in thread, since I started using the forum in January 2013. I do it because I enjoy it, and because it helps to motivate me.

    Over time, I got to know others, and some of the long-term members offered to help me, and that was how the 'Fab 5'ers' joined me as a team - they are Prin, Suzybenj, Ruth_Canal_Runner, and Moreless, and myself (Lowcal).

    Moreless has compiled a Welcome pack for Newbies, which is really good, and has a lot of things compiled within 'one place' - people have contributed to that via volunteering things that they personally like.

    Here is a link to the Welcome Newbie pack, compiled by Moreless:


    Also, regarding the Monday group weigh-in, which I have posted for approx 3 years, our best thread to help you to see individual people's weight-loss journey and outcomes for 2015 is probably this post:


    Ruth_Canal_Runner then took the stats for 2015 and she compiled this very helpful summary of the amount lost by people within the forum:


    Hope these things are helpful.

    I'm not sure what you mean about keeping things in one place - maybe you might want to ask the Healthunlocked Organisers about possible ideas for the site - we are not 'official' people at all, we are just enthusiastic members of the forum, and we are posting in a voluntary capacity and without any 'connection' to the actual forum in terms of a business sense.

    I'm sure the admin people would like feedback, if you want to suggest things.

    Glad you're enjoying the site so far. I really love it!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks, and sorry, newbie mistake!

  • Hi ColBee,

    No need to apologise, I can understand there is a lot of information on this forum, and Moreless has attempted to bring some of it together, which has been brilliant, but it must feel a bit overwhelming to hear about so many things when you first start out.

    I do think the Healthunlocked admin staff are very approachable, so if you're ever unclear about anything, you can always message one of them, and ask for clarification - but similarly, just post a question here in the forum, as you did on this occasion, and someone will try to answer it, if we can.

    We were all newbies once, and finding our way. Really hope you'll enjoy this forum and get the very best from it for your own weight loss journey.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Fab 5 er, its not an easy task so thank you for all your efforts :)

  • I think I speak for all the Fab 5'ers when I say that we all enjoy being part of this great community. Thanks for your kind comment. :-)

  • Ditto! :D

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