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End of Week 6 - So How's It Going?

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Just a quick recap on how my wife and I are doing, hopefully some useful tips and some encouragement.

My wife and I had just started losing weight when we saw the TV adverts for the Weight Loss NHS plan. Given the dangers of covid-19 we thought we would give it a try and downloaded the app. From the app I joined the forum and found a lot of wonderful people and all very supportive.

We were going for a low refined carb diet but didn't realise all the benefits of doing so. Thanks to the forum we now have a better understanding of the relationship between carbs and insulin and its affect on our bodies. By reducing our carbs we could control cravings and lower our calorie intake; this in turn has led to us both losing a significant amount of weight - 2st 9lb for my wife, 3 st for me. Now this isn't in the 6 weeks (nearer to 12) but still a testament that cutting refined carbs (and sugar) can really help in weight loss.

We both have a way to go to get near to a healthy BMI and will have to reset the app and go for another 12 weeks but that's fine.

So what's changed in our 6 weeks here? Well no more sugar on cereal, it only took me 40 years to conquer that one, no more fizzy drinks and plenty of healthy fruit and veg (we've never eaten so much). We now have a diet that is sustainable, currently calories are low to lose the weight but we can use it as our base when we come to try and maintain our weight. This gives me confidence for the future.

Now for the best bit. I've met so many wonderful people in this community: I've been made to feel so welcome, I've received great encouragement and I've pinched a few tasty recipe ideas. In these hard times the replies I've received has helped immensely.

If you are new here, this is a rare and wonderful place to be. For the regulars on the daily diaries and weigh ins, I look forward to continuing to hear your journeys (highs and lows),

So here's to the next 6 weeks :-)

12 Replies
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What a fantastic post! Well done Tank_EG and other half. You have both done amazingly well, proof (if proof were needed on this forum) that the 12 week plan works and can help people reset and improve their lives with just simple changes. Keep going!

Tank, congrats to you and your wife, this is an amazing story. I think it’s nice to give hope to others who are just starting out and just need a little help to keep it up. You are right the people here are lovely and so supportive. I think we all need a little TLC during this rubbish time. 😀

A very nice post to read, 👍

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Really chuffed for you and your wife Tank.

Your sentiments echo many others (including mine) that I've seen here.

Good luck with keeping it up :)

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Well done Tank. I can only echo your comments having joined the same week as you. I also started the NHS plan 6 weeks ago, having tried by myself during lockdown. My losses aren't as large, but I also take medication for inflammatory and other conditions, but with the support here have lost a stone.

Well done and thanks for the motivating post

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Tank_EGMaintainer in reply to ScoutyPat

Thanks ScoutyPat.

Not all my weight loss has been whilst on the plan, I've lost around 1st 5lb whilst here.

Not sure if I mentioned this but I had a very interesting chat with my physiotherapist as I have a bit of arthritis. Evidently being overweight causes an immune response which increases any inflammation.

So losing a stone is a terrific achievement and may even help with some of your underlying health issues; I certainly hope so 😀

So well done my fellow weight loss warrior and here's to week 7

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Great posts and well done both of you. It’s amazing how carbs can effect you. And you say it has taken you 40 years. Just shows never too late to learn. 😀

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Hey well done both of you. So good to hear of your success so far and of your appreciation of this wonderful forum. We look forward to hearing about your future progress as you "inch" towards your goals.

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Hi Tank_EG - and to your wife, too!

I find your message so positive, life-affirming and inspirational. How lovely that you are journeying towards better health holding hands 🥰

I, too, have found lchf life-changing and there’s no turning back now.

Well done to you both! 🥳

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Good news is always so welcome, well done both of you.

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Well done! Good to hear you're doing so well.

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