Newbie :)

Newbie :)

Hi everyone. Over the past few years I have had a lot of health issues all of which may have contributed to my 2 stone weight gain (I am now 13stone!!) I had a nervous breakdown 3 years ago and I'm on extremely strong antidepressants which help a lot. Unfortunately this lead to epilepsy which I am now fully medicated for and have been seizure free for almost two years now. Im now 41 and I appear to be showing strong signs of menopause with a week of night sweats once a month. All these things could have contributed to my weight gain but I cant keep using it as an excuse. SO.........if i'm going to loose weight I need it to be healthily and with support so, here I am....eeeeeek!!!


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8 Replies

  • Hi Shell, fab pic :)

    Sorry to hear you've had a tough time of things, but you're going to be so glad you've stumbled upon this forum :)

    We're a friendly bunch, committed to encouraging and supporting everyone on their weight loss journeys :)

    May I suggest you have a look at our newbie welcome thread, as it's packed with useful nuggets of information and motivation.

    All the best to you :)

  • Thanks everso....will have a look through now :)

  • Welcome. My gosh - What a lovely picture!

    Sorry to hear about your medical problems. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  • Aw thanks. Thats kind of you to say....Just printed off the 12 week plan so it will be my bedtime reading I think....:)

  • Hi this group is very supportive.

  • I'm glad that I joined already :)

  • Good on you.

    Its always hard to get started but just commit yourself to it each morning and come here for support.

    Its great group and everyone loves supporting others success.

  • You can do it! Everyone's right, this group is amazing for support and ideas. Welcome, and good luck on your journey! :-)

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