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Setting a date

Setting a date

Monday is set as THE day, I'm going to give it all a go and see how I get on. I'm going food shopping tomorrow to stock up on healthy snacks and plan some family dinners for the week. Any good websites for low fat family meals?

I will weigh myself tomorrow too ready for the Monday weigh in, once I see how bad it really is I can start to change it.

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Don't weigh yourself tomorrow, weigh yourself Monday morning, naked, after you've been to the loo and before your first cup of tea :D


As moreless says, weigh in on Monday - you might put on a little between now and Monday!

Check out the NHS 12 week plan. It's full of useful hints and tips. Also try downloading the myfitnespal app. It's free and makes counting calories a breeze!

As for recipes....I just Google "low fat recipies" or "low calorie recipies". Your local library could be a good place to look for different chefs books?

Drink lots of water! I found that the more water you drink, the more you want to drink. They reckon that thirst is often mistaken for hunger, and water will help your tummy feel full!

Make small changes to begin with. One or 2 changes a week is more likely to stay with you than changing everything in one go - you are avoiding feeling deprived so les likely to say "sod it" and grab a chocolate biscuit!!!

Treat this as a lifestyle change, not a diet. To me, a diet has an end, but to lose the weight we have gained and keep it off : that's going to be forever! Therefore I suggest that *nothing* is banned from your plate. I can not imagine spending the rest of my life never eating a burger again. Or eating a giant cream cake, or cheese. The fact is, that you will want to eat the tasty-but-bad-for-you food....you just need to eat it in moderation and count this calories!!!

Good luck!



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