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Good start


I weighed on Monday on the machine in Boots to see how much I was and to see what my body fat and stuff was so I could start my healthy eating plan and lose some weight. My weigh in day will be every Friday so I weighed this morning and will continue to weigh in every Friday from now on. I was really pleased that I'm a pound lighter! I know it isn't massive but it's a pound off since Monday and a step in the right direction 🤗

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Well done.


Hi and welcome, JoWilkes :)

Well done for already having lost 1lb, why don't you log your start weight on the Friday weigh-in? :)

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Wishing you all the best :)

Hi Jo

Very brave of you to weigh yourself in Boots. You have inspired me to do the same and find out where the scales are in Boots where I live.

For me that will be a great achievement to actually weigh myself for the first time in years.

Thank you for posting.


JoWilkes19781lb in reply to Chataholic

Hi Chataholic ☺ I was paying over £20 a month for a weight watchers subscription but I was rarely following it so I decided to take the tools I have and knowledge and spend 70p a week instead in Boots and do it myself

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to JoWilkes1978

You could save that £20 a month in a fund to treat yourself when you reach your a target you set yourself :)

Have you joined the Friday weigh-in? It's closing shortly. You could join tomorrow's if you like.

JoWilkes19781lb in reply to BridgeGirl

Yes I could, that's a good idea! I will have a look at the Friday thing, as I was just sent a link to it I think?

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to JoWilkes1978

Yes, there's a weigh-in each day, closing around 9pm. You'll get more chat if you post in a morning. Don't forget to give some comments to other posters, it's always appreciated

Well done keep.up the good work

Well done on the pound, I started as well on Monday after years of “starting” but never actually getting going. Did the BMI bit and got the fright of my life even though I kinda knew already🙂. Determined to beat it this time as long as I can keep my head in a good place. Like you 1 lb gone this week so hopefully a better result next week, will need to be better as I have set myself a target loss of 56lbs. Look forward to keeping up with you, Good Luck

Yes I'm the same! After my last child 3 years ago I started back with weight watchers who I'd previously lost weight with but I just never really bothered most of the time so here I am! I was about 10 stone before I got pregnant with him and 12 stone 9 now so yeah! Good luck with it, hope we can support each other ☺

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Summerhilllad74

Hello Summerhilllad74 and welcome to the weight loss forum.

You'll find endless ideas and encouragement here.

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Wishing you all the best and hoping to see you around.

By the way, it would be interesting to know how you found your way to this forum :)

Sure we can, reading your posts sounded so familiar especially the binge eating one so nice to support someone else do similar. Good Luck till next Friday

Yes, good luck to you too 🤗


Well done. Not many of us were ever brave enough to get weighed in Boots. In my case I bought new scales , hid in the bathroom, and cried😢

So full credit to you for that and congratulations on your first week's loss.

JoWilkes19781lb in reply to elliebath

Oh really? It's not like anyone can see your weight but I kind of get what you mean although their machine is at the back of the shop but then I don't really care about others anyway, it's a weighing machine so I just think 'why would I look like a weirdo weighing myself?' Lol

BungiecatRestart August 2020

Well done you hope you have another great week my weigh in is Monday Gail

Well done! A loss is a loss so I’m sure you’ll keep it up.

I like the sound of using the scales to check body fat etc, do you just go and use them? Paying 70p of course

JoWilkes19781lb in reply to Sceptic23

Yeah you just put your 70p in and stand on the scales. For a pound they do body fat

Well-done on your 1lb loss x

Well done Jo! You should be so proud of yourself :-)

DRS5410 kg

Well done, one pound leads to another!

Ali_B621 stone

Excellent start! :-)

It’s a brilliant start 😀

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