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Let myself down

Hi, missed my weigh in last week and I was kinda glad as I didn't do that well with my eating and was a little worried about it, so I thought let's leave it until next week and give me some time to do better this week..

Just in the gym and weighed myself and I have put on 2lbs😦 so so disappointed, but I know I only have myself to blame, maybe it's a kick up the bum I need.. hopefully the lovley scales in the gym will be kind to me next week although I don't think I can sweet talk them into lying to me.. stay strong over Xmas I know it will be hard for us all..

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Hi Stickafork1,

Sorry to hear you're disappointed with your weight today, but well done for being in the gym on Saturday, that is commendable in my book! Is it the first time you've used the gym scales? Using different scales than normal can sometimes give fluctuations that aren't actually accurate - also it can help to weigh at the same time of day. I usually weigh first thing in the morning. If I weighed later in the day, then I would notice a couple of pounds gain - it really can vary a lot throughout the day, so consistency can help.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend, and don't let the scales result bother you too much. Just put it behind you, and move forward - hopefully you'll have a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Thanks, I weigh myself on the gym scales every Saturday that's why I was dissapointed, but thanks and I will keep it up..

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Join the gang honey, let's hope the scales are more kind to us this coming week 🤔

Well not be defeated stay strong 😃



Thanks, I will..

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get some scales and weigh first thing in morning then you get best true weight, it kept me on track on holiday, and went down again when I got home so lost 2lb on holiday must have been the Essex water.


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