Kettlebell challenge finally over

This afternoon I have completed the final 400 kettlebell swings of my 10 000 swing challenge. I initially hoped to complete the challenge in October but quickly realised that this was an unrealistic goal so I extended my target to 5 weeks. I actually completed the challenge in 5 weeks and 4 days but I'm not disappointed as I had a 3 night girlie break in the middle of it. To be honest the last 1200 have felt a bit like a chore but I refused to give up so close to the end. I've got a girls spa break planned for Fri/Sat and now feel like it is a well earned treat. I hope you have all had a good week.


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16 Replies

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  • Hi, I'm considering getting one. Have you seen a difference from using the kettle bell? Well done for completing the challenge

  • Many thanks Geeny1974, a guy at work recommended using a kettlebell and claimed that it was good for an all over workout. I have to admit I was sceptical at first how could one weight make much difference but it does. I was doing a couple of sessions a week before I started the challenge which was a bit more intense but I definately feel like I have toned up and can even see some slight muscle definition on my arms. I now do pilates as well and I think it is a combination of the two that have brought the results. Good luck.

  • Thanks hun, I will give it a go. Put it on my Christmas list I think.

  • Add a kettlebell and also a workout dvd to your Christmas list, it's not an expensive piece of exercise equipment I think I paid Β£5 for my 5kg one. They are also dual purpose making great door stops when not in use.

  • WTG you! Fantastic achievement! :) I bet that made your bingo wings fly away (if you had them) :)

    The upcoming spa break is well deserved.

    So.....what are you going to do now? ;)

  • Thank you moreless for your kind words.

    I have to admit to being a little surprised but I can see some muscle definition in my arms now that wasn't there before. Don't get me wrong I'm not planning on trying for a builder physic but some toning up was way overdue.

    I'm really looking forward to the spa break and plan to use the pool and hotel gym to counteract any over indulgences.

    My plans over the next few weeks are to increase my cardio and kicking the km targets but also to concentrate on some specific golf physio exercises that I have neglected over the past few weeks.

    Congratulations to you as well for becoming one of the fab 5, your posts and replies are always entertaining and motivating and I'm sure are well received by everyone.

    Have a good week.

  • I'm so sorry mrsg, I've just realised my reply has disappeared into the ether!

    My daughter does kettlebells and the difference in her arms is amazing. She doesn't want a body builder physique either :)

    I've never heard of golf physio exercises, do they help you to play like Tiger Woods, or at least his female counterpart, whoever that may be :)

    Thanks so much for your kind words re my promotion to the Fab 5 and my posts :)

  • Tiger Woods, hardly I'm very much a beginner at golf but really need to improve my flexibility to be able to beat hubby when on holiday! Just back from pilates and after 6 days of kettlebells my arms are a tad stiff, still as the saying goes 'no pain, no gain'. Have a great week.

  • There's just no stopping you now :)

  • Hi Mrsg3,

    Congratulations on completing your Kettlebell Challenge, that is fantastic!!! :-)

    Great that you've got a girl's Spa Break planned, and hope you enjoy it.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal

    I'm pleased to have completed the challenge, it has been quite tough going at times and the final 1200 did feel like a bit of a chore. I do feel better for it and feel that I have toned up as a result so that's good.

    I definately feel like I have earned my spa break and am sure that I'll thoroughly enjoy the relaxation.

    Have a good week.

  • Hi, I fancy a go at this but can't find much info on line. I am pretty stocky but is 8kg too heavy to start with? I see you can buy several lighter ones.

    I hope you don't mind me asking - need to do something for my top half and belly as the walking isn't making too much difference up there.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

    And well done for keeping at it!

  • Hi Sueper

    Thank you for your kind words, I'm fortunate that I have a colleague at work who is well into his fitness and very knowledgeable. The first time I used a kettlebell I started with a 4 kg one which I borrowed off him, I then purchased my own which is 5 kg and the one that I used for the challenge.

    It's difficult to recommend a suitable weight for you to start with as it all depends on your strength. The swings that I have been doing for the challenge are 2 handed swings but some of the exercises are one handed and I would still struggle to lift more than 5 kg above my head with one hand. I got a DVD which includes a warm up and then 3 levels of workouts from beginners to advanced, it's great exercise that given some space you can do at home without paying expensive gym memberships.

    Kettlebell exercises are great for an all over body workout and I can see some muscle definition in the tops of my arms as well as being more toned in my torso and legs. My plan now is to revert back to 2 sessions a week and increase my cardio exercise which I have neglected over the past 6 weeks.

    Give it a go, kettlebells are not that expensive to buy and even 15 minutes a day on a regular basis will give some results. Good luck.

  • Thanks Mrsg3 - I think I will give it a try. Want something that takes up little room so I think it would be ideal.

    Thanks again for the advice :)

  • Well done mrsg with that challenge ! You've put us all to shame with all that strength training :-) Enjoy your spa break !

  • Thank you Lucca10

    I'm going to reduce the strength training now to 2 sessions a week to try and increase my cardio exercise, I need to take a leaf out of your book in the 'kicking the km' target.

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